Kristopher Foster - Neo-Nazi Radicalized By Patriot Prayer

Published on Apr 23, 2019

Kristopher Foster at a Patriot Prayer event
Kristopher Foster marches with Joey Gibson, Patrick Stupfel, Jay Bishop, Jonathan Zimmerman, Deme Cooper, and other Patriot Prayer followers at Joey Gibson’s April 29, 2017 hate rally in the Montavilla neighborhood of Portland

In an article written for Clark County Today during a series of late 2018 campus rallies in the Vancouver, WA area, a journalist interviewing Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson and violent Proud Boy Tiny Toese reported “both men claim that they have welcomed known neo-nazis into their group, but that those men no longer are racists after hearing what they have to say.” Not only is this a patently absurd falsehood, but also an inversion of the radicalization patterns of Patriot Prayer. In reality, Patriot Prayer tends to attract thinly-disguised neo-Nazis who insert their ideas under the cover of Joey Gibson’s constant denial, [exposing more moderate followers to fascist ideologies] ( as they are consistently reassured that they are not fascist.

Canby, Oregon resident Kristopher Foster has been a Patriot Prayer stalwart since 2017. At the beginning of his involvement, he gave every appearance of being a bored, conservative Christian business owner who stumbled into the Patriot Prayer milieu as a way to add some novelty and edginess to his political beliefs. Like many Patriot Prayer followers, however, Foster’s involvement pushed him toward the increasingly public advocacy of overt neo-Nazi politics. Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer organization has consistently functioned as an ideal system to encourage and disseminate fascist and neo-Nazi ideologies and activism, allowing its adherents to “red-pill” one another into open racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and fascist violence.

Current Details on Kristopher Foster

Kristopher Russ Foster

Name: Kristopher Russ Foster
AKA: Kris Foster; Frank Pettygrove; Terry Mcdonald
DOB: 07/09/1983
Address: 29912 S Needy Rd Canby, OR 97013
Vehicle: Grey GMC Sierra, OR 063CSP
Employment: Owner of S and K Delivery - (503) 913-8500 - yelp - facebook

The Beginning of Patriot Prayer’s Effect on Foster

Foster first began to appear at Patriot Prayer events toward the end of April 2017, and as late as September of the same year he still engaged in the condescending “light and positivity” social media efforts characteristic of many US conservatives. On September 18, 2017, a local paper ran a story about a meme started by Foster in a Facebook group he frequented. Foster asked that participants take photographs of themselves in front of pump 9 at a central gas station in Canby, OR, posting the photographs with the hashtag #9ISMYPUMP.

Foster Pump 9
Kristopher Foster posts about his social experiment.

Prior to 2014, Foster worked at Mattress World, a business owned by his Aunt Sherri Hiner, and is mentioned in a news article regarding the 2012 closing of that company. Since at least 2014, however, Foster has owned a furniture delivery company called S and K Delivery, whose yelp page touts his prior experience, saying, “I’ve been all around the mattress and furniture industry. I’ve been through all the ins and outs of warehousing to delivery and installation.” Foster saw to it that his furniture delivery business also participated in the pump 9 social experiment.

Foster Pump 9
S and K Delivery, the delivery business owned by Kristopher Foster, also participates in the ‘pump 9’ campaign.\

Foster S and K Delivery
Kristopher Foster is clearly visible in the profile photo from S and K Delivery’s yelp page.

Not three months after Foster was featured in a local paper, he began to engage increasingly publicly with Patriot Prayer members who espouse white nationalist positions, such as fascist hate preacher Allen Pucket. Within a year, Foster began to avow National Socialist ideology, and to espouse (often through trollish “alt” accounts) virulent anti-Semitic and otherwise racist positions. Kristopher Foster’s wife Audra Foster (nee: Mckillip) is also an avid participant in the Patriot Prayer organization, and while she has occasionally been seen to chastise him for his excessive neo-Nazi rhetoric, she seems to have few qualms about the vast amount of harassment, violence, and fascist organizing her Patriot Prayer friends have facilitated; nor does she seem particularly bothered by any of the other neo-Nazis and white nationalists with whom she rallies.

Foster and Pucket are racist together
on December 21, 2017 Kristopher Foster is seen commenting in agreement with white nationalist hate preacher and Patriot Prayer member Allen Pucket’s pro-segregation Facebook post.

Foster espouses neo-Nazi ideology
Posts from late 2018 show Kristopher Foster espousing open neo-Nazism.

Foster espouses neo-Nazi ideology
Posts from mid-2018 show Kristopher Foster espousing open neo-Nazism. More receipts like this are included at the end of the article.

Foster’s Participation in Patriot Prayer Events

April 29, 2017

A seminal event in the history of Patriot Prayer’s association with fascists, neo-Nazis, and white nationalists; Joey Gibson’s bad-faith rally in the immigrant Montavilla neighborhood of Portland was attended by enthusastic entryists from groups like Identity Europa, the PDX Stormers, Oregon Three Percenters, the Proud Boys, and at least one neo-Nazi who would eventually become associated with The Base and the Northwest Front. Kristopher Foster was also present and, thanks to Joey Gibson, he spent the afternoon mingling with these fascists, as well as with neo-Nazi soon-to-be-murderer and Patriot Prayer follower Jeremy Christian.

Kristopher Foster with Joey Gibson
Kristopher Foster marches with Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson and with Patriot Prayer followers such as Deme Cooper, Jonathan Zimmerman, B Patrick Stupfel, and Jay Bishop.

June 4, 2017

Joey Gibson’s disgracefully racist alt-right rally featuring neo-Nazi propagandist Baked Alaska as one of its keynote speakers, was held less than two weeks after neo-Nazi Patriot Prayer follower Jeremy Christian stabbed three Portlanders in their necks on the MAX train, killing two of them. Kristopher Foster enjoyed the company of countless fascists who attended this rally, and was later filmed asking Joey Gibson’s anti-Semitic guest Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet to sign his T-shirt while he wore it.

Kristopher Foster
Kristopher Foster shakes hands with neo-Nazi propagandist Tim Gionet aka Baked Alaska at Joey Gibson’s downtown Portland rally mere days after Patriot Prayer member Jeremy Christian murdered two people aboard the MAX train.

Kristopher Foster
Kristopher Foster has violent white nationalist alt-right celebrity Kyle Chapman sign his t-shirt at Joey Gibson’s downtown Portland rally.

Kristopher Foster
Violent Patriot Prayer videographer Kerry Hudson posts a photo of Foster getting his shirt signed by Kyle Chapman. Hudson has tagged Frank Pettygrove as well, making it clear that this expression of friendship and nostalgia takes place after Foster has already begun disseminating neo-Nazi propaganda posts among his Patriot Prayer friends.

August 6, 2017

Joey Gibson and his belligerent Patriot Prayer organization held this event on the Portland waterfront, and it proved to be a magnet for fascists and white nationalists from groups such as Identity Europa, Proud Boys, PDX Stormers, the Hell Shaking Street Preachers, and the Three Percenters, many of whom crossed state lines specifically to engage in assaults in Portland. Kristopher Foster and many other Patriot Prayer members were seen mingling with neo-Nazis throughout the event.

Kristopher Foster 20170806
Kristopher Foster attends a violent Patriot Prayer rally on the Portland waterfront alongside: neo-Nazi Raul Gonzalez; proto-fascist Proud Boys Aaron Laigaie, Gabriel Bowman, Donovan Flippo, and JD Stockton; and Patriot Prayer followers Audra Foster and James Birkenstock.

Kristopher Foster and Nazis
Kristopher Foster is seen participating at Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer hate rally in the company of hate preachers Blake Sheely & Arcadio Pena; domestic abuser and Islamophobe Quincy Franklin (aka Quincy Anatello); pedophile Patriot Prayer videographer Matthew “Deme” Cooper, violent white nationalist Allen Pucket; pedophile neo-Nazi Jarl Rockhill; and fellow neo-Nazis Thorsson Snyder, Mike Dorsey, Bogdan Gerasimyuk, and Jake Von Ott.

September 10, 2017

Shortly after neo-Nazi James Alex Fields murdered Heather Heyer at the Charlottesville “Unite The Right” rally, Portland Police helped Joey Gibson to surreptitiously change the location of his September 10, 2017 hate rally to the Vancouver Landing Amphitheater. After the rally– which was attended by a number of neo-Nazis– Patriot Prayer follower Billy Wilson attempted a Charlottesville-style vehicular murder against anti-fascist activists by driving a large truck at them while blaring “I Wish I Was In Dixie” on the vehicle’s horn. Foster was seen mingling with Proud Boys at the Amphitheatre, as well as with Patriot Prayer follower Morgan Brandfors, who attempted to hold a neo-Nazi propaganda rally on the anniversary of the murder of Mulugeta Seraw.

Kristopher Foster 20170910
Kristopher Foster hangs around the Vancouver waterfront with attendees at Gibson’s September 10, 2017 rally, including “It’s Okay To Be White” banner-dropper Morgan Brandfors, Proud Boy and serial assaulter of Portland activists Tiny Toese, Proud Boy Naphtali Moore, and Proud Boy Romanov Gulin.

October 15, 2017

A number of neo-Nazis attended Joey Gibson’s “Support the American Flag” rally in Salem, OR, where they mingled and proselytized among Joey Gibson’s bigoted followers. A young neo-Nazi wannabe named Noah Gunn was also in attendance, and almost certainly felt bosltered by the fact that Joey Gibson’s followers accepted and encouraged the neo-Nazis in their midst.

Kristopher Foster 20171015
Kristopher Foster attends a Gibson rally in Salem, outside the state capitol, alongside: Patriot Prayer hangers-on Mark Callahan, Lee Gayer Robbins, Kathryn Townsend, Audra Foster, and Justin Sheets; Proud Boys Tiny Toese and David Machado; neo-Nazi Daily Stormer Book Club members Mike Dorsey, pedophile Jarl Rockhill, “Might Is Right,” “Prep Stormer,” and Alex Becker; and Hammerskins-wannabe Noah Gunn

Foster and Gunn 20171015
Kristopher Foster at an October 15, 2017 Patriot Prayer rally in Salem OR. Also pictured: Tiny Toese, Jay Harris, Joey Alexander, Audra Foster, and Noah Gunn.

November 25, 2017

This event was the second Patriot Prayer attempt at holding an “It’s Okay To Be White” neo-Nazi propaganda rally. As has already been mentioned, the first event was organized by Patriot Prayer follower Morgan Brandfors for the anniversary of Mulugeta Seraw’s murder at the hands of Portland neo-Nazi gang East Side White Pride. Joey Gibson brought his young child to this event, and neglected him by the side of the overpass as he mingled with his followers such as Kristopher Foster, deceased far-right YouTuber Leo Stratton, and several neo-Nazis from the PDX Stormers organization, including neo-Nazi pedophile Jarl Rockhill.

Kristopher Foster 20171125
Kristopher Foster attends Morgan Brandfors’ “It’s Okay To Be White” rally on a Vancouver overpass. Also in attendance were Gibson, Brandfors, Proud Boys Jake Farmer and Gabe Silva, neo-Nazis Raul Gonzalez and Steve Shallenberger, and pedophile member of the Daily Stormer Book Club Jarl Rockhill.

December 9, 2017

Joey Gibson held an anti-immigrant hate rally that was attended predominantly by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and fascists. Kristopher Foster was naturally in attendance, and socialized with fellow racists from organizations such as the PDX Stormers, Hell Shaking Street Preachers, Identity Europa, Proud Boys, and an aspiring young Hammerskin whose exposure to neo-Nazi politics likely occured via his time alongside fascists at Patriot Prayer events.

Kristopher Foster 20171209
Kristopher Foster at Joey Gibson’s anti-immigrant hate rally in December 2017, standing with hate preacher Quincy Franklin (aka Quincy Anatello), white nationalist hate preacher Allen Pucket, PSU Students for Trump members Liam Wynn, Stephen Johnston, and Ethan Devries, Patriot Prayer affiliates Pam Brumfield-Uriarte and Carly Fleming, and aspiring neo-Nazi Noah Gunn.

June 17, 2018

Kristopher Foster accompanied a number of Patriot Prayer followers, who are also involved in the hate preaching group led by white nationalist Allen Pucket, to harass and incite violence against Portland’s LGBTQ community at the Portland Pride Parade. Foster acted as “security” for the preachers as they spewed insults and hatred against community members, and repeatedly told LGBTQ parade attendees to commit suicide. Foster and the hate preachers then uploaded the footage they recorded from the event in order to encourage their social media followers to act on the violence they had incited against Portland’s LGBTQ community.

Kristopher Foster 20180617
Along with the Hell-Shaking Street Preachers, Kristopher Foster showed up at Portland’s 2018 Pride parade to harass and incite violence against the local LGBTQ community. Pictured here with Foster are hate preachers Quincy Franklin (aka Quincy Anatello), Allen Pucket, and “Levi Cross.”

June 24, 2018

On this date, Patriot Prayer follower Joey Alexander held a “Flag March” through the Rockwood neighborhood of Portland, which Foster attended alongside other Patriot Prayer members like anti-Semite Edie Dixon, and neo-Nazi Jimmy Willingham. Foster also livestreamed part of the march, and in his footage, can be heard making several statements about non-white passers-by being “primitive,” as well as expounding on his conspiracy theory that Spanish language signage on city properties is an indicator of something akin to “white genocide.”

Kristopher Foster 20180624
Kristopher Foster on June 24, 2018 with David Julian, Jimmy Willingham, and Edie Dixon.

June 30, 2018

After Patriot Prayer had been summarily routed when they attempted to hold a hate rally in Portland on June 3, Joey Gibson posted several videos openly threatening to bring far-right activists from around the United States for the explicit purpose of inciting mob violence and assaults on people in Portland. Predictably, despite Joey’s clear intent to do harm, the Portland police had direct, chummy communication with him, and did everything in their power to facilitate Patriot Prayer’s ability to attack Portland activists. This included attacking anti-fascists with pepper-balls early on June 30 in order to divide them so that their numbers would be fewer when Patriot Prayer charged them. Anti-fascists repelled Gibson’s forces, despite their being aided by the Police, and Portland activists supported one another to recover from injuries inflicted by the fascists. Kristopher Foster was also present at this event, and wore a helmet decorated with the neo-Nazi dog-whistle slogan “It’s Okay To Be White”.

Kristopher Foster
Kristopher and Audra Foster pose wearing masks for Joey Gibson’s extremely violent rally on June 30 2018.

August 4, 2018

Joey Gibson increased his threatening rhetoric even further in the buildup to his August 4th rally– which, bizarrely, was nominally a campaign event in his failed run for U.S. Senate. Gibson encouraged his followers to bring arsenals of firearms and spoke openly about how “Before you know it, it’s going to be too late, and then the guns are going to have come out…” Proud Boys, neo-Nazis, and other bigots from thirteen states showed up, many of them wearing shirts praising the authoritarian legacy of Chilean fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet’s political murders. The Portland Police–steadfast facilitators of fascist activism–once again collaborated closely with Gibson: after discovering some of Gibson’s neo-confederate supporters in sniper positions with long-guns on the roof of a nearby parking-garage, the police brutally attacked and maimed Portland activists without provocation in order to allow Gibson’s racist followers to more easily rampage through the city. Kristopher Foster was also present at this rally, once again wearing his neo-Nazi dog-whistle “It’s Okay To Be White” helmet.

Kristopher Foster August 4 2018
Kristopher Foster is seen in front of Patriot Prayer fascist Russell Schultz and violent videographer Kerry Hudson at Joey Gibson’s August 4, 2018 hate rally. Many participants in Gibson’s rallies wield large sticks as “flag poles” in the hopes that they will get the opportunity to assault someone with it instead.

November 17, 2018

We have written extensively about white nationalist Patriot Prayer grifter Haley Adams’ rape-apologist #HimToo rally, as well as the racists, misogynists, and domestic abusers it attracted and elevated. Kristopher Foster, by this time a full-fledged neo-Nazi, also spoke at Haley Adams’ rally. He was introduced by Tiny Toese, who is well-aware of Foster’s neo-Nazi internet presence, and referred to him as “the biggest troll on the planet,” before Foster took the mic to complain bitterly about an imaginary epidemic of “false accusations.”

Kristopher Foster November 17 2018
Kristopher Foster speaks at white nationalist Haley Adams’ rape-apologist rally. Also pictured staffing the rally are Proud Boy Tiny Toese, Islamophobic hate preacher and Portland Water Bureau employee Quincy Franklin, Proud Boy Robert Jared Fussell, Patriot Prayer anti-Semite Edie Dixon, Patriot Prayer Follower Concetta Adams, Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson, and Haley Adams follower Skylor Jernigan.

Kristopher Foster November 17 2018
Some of neo-Nazi Kristopher Foster’s misogynist and fascist social media posts in the lead-up to Haley Adams’ rape apologist rally.

December 10, 2018

In December of 2018, Patriot Prayer white nationalist Haley Adams initially began calling for a series of events modeled on the yellow vest movement of France as an opportunity to create content for her endless string of crowdfunding grifts and with the goal of unseating Portland mayor Ted Wheeler. These events quickly devolved into excuses for Adams and her followers to harass, assault, and attempt to intimidate leftists at union halls and other meeting spaces. Kristopher Foster attended the first of these events outside of city hall along with anti-Semite Edie Dixon, sycophantic conspiracy theorist James Robert Wright, soon-to-be-ex Proud Boy Reggie Axtell (who publicly threatened to murder Portland mayor Ted Wheeler), Jeremy Christian wannabe Skylor Jernigan, Proud Boy James Johnson, and Proud Boy Kody Dean Smith.

Kristopher Foster November 17 2018
Kristopher Foster poses with white nationalist grifter Haley Adams, anti-Semitic racist Edie Dixon, conspiracy theorist James Robert Wright, Proud Boy death-threats-guy Reggie Axtell, Proud Boys James Johnson and Kody Dean Smith, and Haley Adams follower Skylor Jernigan.

January 20, 2019

On January 20, 2019, Haley Adams, Alyssa Vinsonhaler, Keith Campbell, Catherine A House, Travis T Nelson, Nathan Strong, a conspiracist Patriot Prayer follower named Jean who uses the online handle “JPlorable,” and several other Patriot Prayer followers all harassed and threatened the 5th Annual Children’s March for Social Justice which was taking place as part of Martin Luther King Day weekend. After Haley Adams and several of her followers were ejected from the park where the march was starting, they repeatedly drove past the event yelling insults and slurs outside of the window and insinuating on livestream that they might attack participants with their vehicle. Kristopher Foster was not physically present with them, but was participating in the chat with the livestream, and made jokes about Charlottesville while encouraging them to attack the children’s march.

Kristopher Foster January 20 2019
As Haley Adams livestreams her threats and harassment of a children’s MLK Day march, Kristopher Foster is seen making a joke about the car used by neo-Nazi James Alex Fields to murder Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. Also seen commenting is Angelic Love Hutchinson aka Ireland Northrup, another staunch ally of white nationalist Haley Adams and the rest of Patriot Prayer.


Kristopher Foster has had a long history of participation with Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer organization, and it has led him to become radicalized into neo-Nazi politics. What follows will be a selection of receipts which reveal the political committments he has avowed since having become involved.


Foster demands assimilation
Kristopher Foster (aka Frank Pettygrove) expresses a banal and racist demand for assimilation, which is echoed by white nationalist Patriot Prayer member Haley Adams. It’s hardly worth mentioning that there is no language called “American.”

Foster demands assimilation
Foster again expresses his demand for assimilation.

Foster wants people to harass hispanic drivers
Foster (aka Terry Mcdonald) asks his friends to racially profile and harass latino motorists.

Foster wants racial profiling
Foster (aka Frank Pettygrove) again calls for racial profiling, and complains about “primitive” behavior (see also above: June 24, 2018).

Foster shares a white nationalist
Foster shares pro-segregation comments from white nationalist Patriot Prayer and Hell Shaking Street Preachers member Allen Pucket.

Foster rants against miscegenation
Foster (aka Terry Mcdonald) spreads racist anti-miscegenation sentiments among Patriot Prayer.

Foster wants segregation
Neo-Nazi Kristopher Foster (aka Terry Mcdonald) wishes for racial segregation in combination with racist nostalgia for an imaginary “traditionalism” that is common among fascists. Local fascist Eric Oelkers registers his agreement in the comments.


Foster approves of domestic violence
Kristopher Foster expresses his approval of misogynist violence (see also above: November 17, 2018)

Foster is a misogynist
Foster expresses rape-apologist sentiments common among Patriot Prayer, and particularly among participants in white nationalist Haley Adams’ “HimToo” rally.

Foster approves of rape
Kristopher Foster aka Frank Pettygrove expresses misogyny and transphobia.


Foster demeans LGBTQ people
Foster demeans and incites religious violence against the LGBTQ community.

Foster demeans LGBTQ people

Foster demeans LGBTQ people
Foster demeans the LGBTQ community.

Foster demeans LGBTQ people
Foster expresses transphobic sentiments common among alt-right groups like Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys.

Foster demeans LGBTQ people
Kristopher Foster aka Terry Mcdonald equates homophobia with “the west” in the style of the Proud Boys hate group.


Foster is an Islamophobe
Kristopher Foster aka Frank Pettygrove posts a video of a Koran being burned and states “death to Islam”

Foster is an Islamophobe
Kristopher Foster laments the conviction of neo-Nazi murderer James Alex Fields by accusing Muslims writ large of being vicious murderers.

Foster is an Islamophobe
Responding to an anti-Semitic post from white nationalist hate preacher Allen Pucket, Kristopher Foster references the Christchurch, New Zealand massacre while threatening murder against Muslims and Jewish people.


Foster is an anti-semite
Foster equates anti-Semitism with an ill-defined “anti-American” phenomenon.

Foster is an anti-semite
Kristopher Foster posts a play on “Proud Boys” which emphasizes his anti-Semitic pride in being non-Jewish.

Foster is an anti-semite
Kristopher Foster aka Frank Pettygrove is an anti-Semite.

Foster is an anti-semite
Foster aka Frank Pettygrove references anti-Semitic conspiracy theories claiming that homosexuality is a “Jewish plot” against white people. Local neo-Nazi street artist Johnny Gomez (aka Adept One) responds under the pseudonym “Jimmy Jim” with virulent anti-Semitism that is disturbingly common among Patriot Prayer followers.

Foster is an anti-semite
Kristopher Foster denies the Holocaust

Foster is an anti-semite
Kristopher Foster aka Frank Pettygrove expresses a convoluted desire for another holocaust. In the context of many other posts, his subsequent comment can be read as an expression of his hope that Muslims would also be targeted in a future holocaust.

Foster is an anti-semite
Kristopher Foster and racist Patriot Prayer follower Edie Dixon engage in anti-Semitic dialogue about their belief that Jews control the entertainment industry.

Foster is an anti-semite
Kristopher Foster uses the anti-Semitic “triple parentheses” meme.

Foster is an anti-semite
Kristopher Foster is a virulent anti-Semite.

White Supremacy

Foster is a white supremacist
(left) Kristopher Foster uses the racist “White Lives Matter” slogan. (right) Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson encourages the use of the racist “White Lives Matter” slogan on the same day that racist neo-Nazi organizations such as the National Socialist Movement, the KKK, Vanguard America, League of the South, Traditionalist Worker Party, Nationalist Front, and Anti-Communist Action held a “White Lives Matter” rally in Shelbyville, TN.

Foster is a white supremacist
neo-Nazi Kristopher Foster aka Frank Pettygrove refers to non-white people as “uncivilized”

Foster is a white supremacist
Kristopher Foster invokes aspects of the neo-Nazi “white genocide” conspiracy theory.

Foster is a white supremacist
Kristopher Foster avows the “white pride” ideology best known for its association with white nationalists and neo-Nazis. Angela Roman, a three percenter and candidate for Oregon’s fifth congressional district expresses her agreement and invokes the neo-Nazi dog-whistle slogan “It’s Okay To Be White”.

Foster is a white supremacist
Kristopher Foster aka Frank Pettygrove is a white supremacist.

Foster is a white supremacist
Alt-right Neo-Nazi Kristopher Foster expresses his feelings about “western culture”.

Foster is a white supremacist
Kristopher Foster aka Frank Pettygrove echoes the “You will not replace us” chant from the neo-Nazi Charlottesville, VA rally in August of 2017. Fascist Patriot Prayer follower Dakota James Miller likes the post.

Foster is a white supremacist
Kristopher Foster reiterates the neo-Nazi “white genocide” conspiracy theory.

Foster is a white supremacist
Neo-Nazi Kristopher Foster and Oregon congressional candidate Angela Roman post about “white pride” together on Facebook.

Foster is a white supremacist
Kristopher Foster aka Frank Pettygrove engages in further neo-Nazi “white genocide” conspiracism.

Fascist Violence

Kristopher Russ Foster
Kristopher Foster and neo-Nazi street artist Johnny Gomez aka Adept One discuss their desire for people struggling with drug addiction to die of overdoses or be euthanized.

Kristopher Russ Foster
Kristopher Foster chimes into a conversation by encouraging fellow Patriot Prayer members to enact a “right wing death squad”. Other participants include Haley Adams follower Skylor Jernigan, and former Proud Boy Reggie Axtell, who recently threatened to kill the mayor of Portland.

Kristopher Russ Foster
Kristopher Foster asks followers of Patriot Prayer who wants to start a “right wing death squad”. Violent white nationalist hate preacher Allen Pucket “likes” the post.

Kristopher Russ Foster
Kristopher Foster aka Frank Pettygrove engages in murderous, racialized eliminationist rhetoric.

Kristopher Russ Foster
Recent Patriot Prayer recruit Alyssa Vinsonhaler attempts to equivocate her way into supporting an imaginary version of Trump’s authoritarian and racist border wall plan, and neo-Nazi Kristopher Foster responds by calling for an accelerated imperialist ethnostate based on slavery, murder, and brutality. Vinsonhaler is apparently not entirely averse to the idea.

Nazi Politics and Signifiers

Foster is a neo-Nazi
Kristopher Foster posts a MAGA-related article using the English translation of “Sieg Heil”.

Foster is a neo-Nazi
Kristopher Foster aka Frank Pettygrove explicitly calls for Hitler’s genocidal National Socialist program to be implemented. Patriot Prayer follower and Portland Water Bureau employee Quincy Franklin “likes” the post. Haley Adams devotee Skylor Jernigan objects only on the grounds that it has “socialism” in the title.

Foster is a neo-Nazi
Kristopher Foster responds to Patriot Prayer member Alyssa Vinsonhaler’s “anti-communist” facebook post with support for Nazism.

For over two years, Joey Gibson has increasingly-knowingly facilitated the radicalization of people like Kristopher Foster into genocidal fascist politics. Rose City Antifa is dedicated to the pursuit of a community free of anti-Semitic, racist, and homophobic propaganda, and to exposing neo-Nazis before their ideology manifests itself in action.

If you have further information on Kristopher Foster, Patriot Prayer, or any other racist or fascist organizing in your area, contact Rose City Antifa at [email protected].