White Supremacist Organizer Jacob Ott is Not Welcome in Portland

Published on Aug 07, 2017

Jacob Ott discussing his strategy of entryism at Joey Gibson's rallies

Jacob Ott (aka Jake Von Ott, Jake Frank) is the Oregon regional coordinator for Identity Europa. We first began reporting on him when, along with several other white supremacists, neo-nazis, and white nationalists, he appeared at Joey Gibson’s April 29th “Free Speech” march in the immigrant Montavilla neighborhood of Portland. Multiple participants in Joey Gibson’s rally, including Jake, were seen throwing nazi salutes and posting white supremacist propaganda along 82nd Ave. We have provided extensive information about Jacob Ott’s self-professed beliefs and activities since that time.

Jacob recruits for Identity Europa, a violent white supremacist organization founded by neo-nazi Nathan Damigo (who robbed a taxicab driver at gunpoint, believing that the man was Iraqi). In multiple interviews, Jacob has attempted to paint Identity Europa as a “respectable” organization, claiming that it is merely “white identitarian” and not white supremacist.

Twitter photo posted by Ott
Twitter photo posted by Ott, of a Identity Europa sticker he put up near his workplace. The sticker was subsequently replaced and dealt with appropriately.

Portlanders aware of their city’s recent history, however, will recognize the uncanny similarity of this organization’s “white genocide” and “white pride” talking points to older organizations such as PUSH (Portland United Skinheads), POWAR (Preservation of the White American Race), and East Side White Pride; these formerly prominent regional white supremacist organizations coordinated waves of racialized violence in Portland not thirty years ago. Also, if you look at Ott’s own social media postings (depicted in detail below) it is very clear that he is a nazi-worshipping, racist fascist.

Those former fascist organizations were successfully opposed and destroyed by autonomous community organizing, and Rose City Antifa stands in solidarity with all Portlanders who seek that the polo-shirt-and-khakis nazis of Identity Europa meet the same fate.

We will now provide thorough details of Jacob Ott’s employment and housing information. We encourage you to call his employer, United Card Solutions, and tell them that Portland does not want white supremacist organizers in our downtown!

Update: Jake Ott is no longer employed by United Card Solutions! Thanks so much for calling in, and helping make our phone jam a success!

Jacob Stephen Von Ott

(aka Jacob S Ott, Jake Von Ott, Jake Frank)


Oct. 3, 1997


8243 SE Pineridge Ct. Portland, OR 97236 (Jake’s mother Shelly Renee Frank, who is also a white nationalist and who has frequently posted nazi propaganda online, lives at this address as well)


Dark Grey BMW X5 / license plate OR 9S-4479


Update: Jake was fired from United Card Solutions. If you see him working somewhere, please get in touch with us.

Jacob’s personal Social Media:

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/jay.schmidt.372661
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JakeVonOtt<br / > Twitter (locked): https://twitter.com/Jacobvon_ott
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/germanic_lanklet/


right shoulder tattoo
Right Shoulder: German Bundesadler (federal eagle) accompanied by text “Ruhe in Frieden / 1969 - 2007” (referring to death of Jacob’s father on October 11, 2007).

upper left arm tattoo
Left Upper Arm: appears to be the Younger Futhark rune “hagall.”

left outer forearm tattoo
Left Outer Forearm: “We the People” tattoo in “constitutional” script.

left forearm tattoo
Left Forearm: templar / crusader shield.

left forearm tattoo
Right Forearm: Cross / “Deus Vult” tattoo.

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Clear photographs of Jacob Ott:

Jacob Ott with anti-semite Baked Alaska
Tim Gionet (left) and Jake Ott (right) shortly after Jake recited the neo-nazi “14 words” for Baked Alaska.

Jacob Ott with Kathryn Townsend
Jake Ott walks with Kathryn Townsend at Joey Gibson’s April 29th far right march.

A recent selfie from Jacob Ott's facebook page
A recent selfie from Jacob Ott’s facebook page.

Further Proof of Jacob Ott’s Racist and Fascist Ideology:

Jacob Ott jokes about the holocaust
Jacob Ott enjoys a joke about murdering jews in the holocaust, and responds with the “1488” nazi dog-whistle.

Jacob Ott recites neo-nazi slogans
Jacob Ott recites the “14 words” neo-nazi shibboleth. His nazi friends respond in kind.

Jacob Ott disseminates nazi propaganda
Jacob Ott frequently retweeted content from nazis and klansmen like David Duke from his old twitter account.

Jacob Ott celebrates his community being terrorized with nazi graffiti
Jacob Ott celebrates nearby communities being terrorized with swastika graffiti in the wake of Trump’s election.

Jacob Ott adores Hitler
Jacob Ott affectionately refers to Adolf Hitler as “Uncle Addy” and hopes for a resurgence of fascist nationalism.

Jacob Ott favorably compares Trump to Hitler
Jacob Ott affectionately refers to Trump’s attemptes at racist anti-immigration policies using nazi terminology.

Jacob Ott validating the misogynist rhetoric of local white nationalist Allen Pucket
Jacob Ott validating the misogynist rhetoric of local white nationalist Allen Pucket.

Jacob Ott honors the freikorps

Shelly Renee Frank admires her son for converting her to white supremacy
Shelly Renee Frank uploads a video describing how she was “red-pilled” (successfully indoctrinated with neo-nazi ideology) by her son Jacob Ott.

Shelly Renee Frank offers advice on converting women to white supremacy
Calling herself “The Red Pilled Mom”, Shelly Renee Frank posts videos intended to help white supremacist men indoctrinate young women with racist ideology.

Jacob Ott thanks Shelly Renee Frank for fighting for white supremacy
Jacob Ott leaves a note thanking his mother Shelly Renee Frank for fighting the “good fight” for white supremacist ethnonationalism.

Shelly Renee Frank eroticizes nazis
Shelly Renee Frank eroticizes nazis.

Shelly Renee Frank affectionately compares her son Jacob to a nazi soldier.
Shelly Renee Frank affectionately compares her son Jacob Ott to a nazi soldier.

Jacob Ott fantasizes about murdering refugees on his vacation in Germany.
Jacob Ott fantasizes about murdering refugees on his vacation in Germany.

Jacob Ott fantasizes about murdering refugees.
Jacob Ott fantasizes about murdering refugees.

Jacob Ott approaches Jeremy Christian to shake hands as Jeremy Christian throws nazi salutes.
Jacob Ott approaches white supremacist Jeremy Christian to shake hands as Christian throws nazi salutes on 82nd Ave at Joey Gibson’s far right April 29th rally in the immigrant Montavilla neighborhood. Less than a month after this photograph was taken, Jeremy Christian allegedly murdered two people on the Max train after they interrupted him hurling islamophobic harassment at two young women.

White Supremacists Allowed to Organize in Public

Joey Gibson and the American Freedom Warriors continues to hold rallies and to march alongside open fascists such as Jacob Ott, despite their being aware of the evidence of Ott’s fascist and rascist beliefs, published by Rose City Antifa.

Jacob Ott with other white supremacists at Joey Gibson's August 6 rally.
Jacob Ott stands with violent white nationalist Allen Pucket beside another participant in Joey Gibson’s 8/6 rally who displays the logo of the National Socialist Movement on his helmet.

Jacob Ott rallies with Joey Gibson and members of the Patriot Prayer organization on August 6th.

If you have any further information about Jacob Ott, Identity Europa, or any other fascist, white supremacist, or bigoted organizing in Portland, please email us at [email protected].