Matthew Blais - Vancouver WA Neo-Nazi

Published on Dec 25, 2018

Matthew Blais

Matthew Blais and Bogdan Gerasimyuk, two neo-Nazis associated with the Portland Daily Stormer Book Club, are employed by Securitas in Vancouver, WA as private security guards. These individuals have a long history of posting racism, anti-Semitism, and threats of genocidal violence online, and have taken part in organized campaigns of racial intimidation in local Portland and Vancouver neighborhoods, and on college campuses. Having these two fascists licensed and employed as private security in our community is unacceptable. We call upon the community to call Securitas’ office in Vancouver and inform them of this fact, as well as make an official complaint to the Washington State Department of Licensing.

Matthew Paul Blais - WA License # 115143
Bogdan Alexandervich Gerasimyuk - WA License # 112699
Washington State Department of Licensing Complaint Form
Securitas Vancouver Office: 7700 NE Parkway Drive Vancouver WA 98662, 360-604-5556

Rose City Antifa is exposing the identities of three neo-Nazis who are part of the local Daily Stormer Book Club (DSBC), known as the PDX Stormers. Since 2016, the PDX Stormers have harassed and threatened members of our community with anti-Semitic, white nationalist propaganda as members of the internet’s largest community of Nazis and white supremacists, organized via the web forums of The Daily Stormer neo-Nazi website. Follow along with us using the hashtags #stormerbreaker and #debaseddoxx.

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Today, we identify Vancouver, Washington neo-Nazi Matthew Blais: frequent contributor to the Cascadian Coffee Company (CCC) Discord logs, attendee of Patriot Prayer’s never-ending hate rallies, and incessant fascist keyboard warrior.

In addition to Blais’s participation in the CCC Discord and his leadership role within the PDX Stormers organization, we have also identified him as the individual behind the Twitter account @EmpireGenerator, and as a participant in the Riot chat channel for “The Base,” using another username he has often kept consistent across various platforms: “social conquest.” Blais’ involvement in neo-Nazi organizing both online and in real life over the past 2-3 years has been extensive, and his developing interest and focus on “leaderless” cell-style organizing (like Atomwaffen Division) and public support of fascist killers such as James Fields show him to be a clear threat to the local community. Below we provide an account of Matthew Blais’ white supremacist organizing in the Pacific Northwest, as well as his current employment information, so that community members can make it clear that they do not want neo-Nazis living and organizing in their cities.

Blais’ Attendance At Patriot Prayer Rallies And Other Events

There have been a number of masked or semi-clandestine PDX Stormers events– such as various racist flyering campaigns; a masked neo-Nazi march through downtown Vancouver; or the more recent “It’s Okay To Be White” freeway display of November, 2018– which Blais is also likely to have directly participated in, but we will list several at which he was most clearly documented.

March 12, 2017

Shortly after Trump’s inauguration, local press reported on an altercation which took place at the Lucky Lab Brewery in Downtown Portland. Staff confronted and ejected a group of neo-Nazis, some of whom were wearing MAGA paraphernelia. Among the fascists in attendance were Springfield, OR neo-Nazi Jimmy Marr, Corvallis, OR ex-rapper Nazi David Woods, and members of the PDX Stormers including Mike Dorsey, Bogdan Gerasimyuk, and Matthew Blais. Leaked internal communications also reveal that Blais was the source of business-card size white supremacist flyers which promoted the Daily Stormer website, Donald Trump’s website, 4chan’s neo-Nazi /pol/ forum, and which oddly misattributed disgraced evolutionary psychologist Kevin MacDonald’s anti-Semitic pseudo-academic book The Culture Of Critique to white nationalist YouTube ranter Stefan Molyneux.

Matt Blais wears a Right Wing Death Squads hoodie
Leaked internal chats link Matthew Blais to twitter user “PDX Stormer” via a “Right Wing Death Squads” hoodie Blais was seen wearing at the Lucky Lab Pub.

Matt Blais distributes white supremacist propaganda
Leaked internal chats reveal that Matthew Blais was the source of neo-Nazi propagada found around the Lucky Lab.

April 2, 2017

Matthew Blais and other members of the PDX Stormers attended a rally held by Joey Gibson in Vancouver, WA, which they used as an opportunity to organize, network, and proselytize among Gibson’s racist followers.

Matt Blais attends a patriot prayer rally
PDX Stormers neo-Nazis Matt Blais and Bogdan Gerasimyuk attend one of Joey Gibson’s rallies on April 2, 2017.

Matt Blais attends a patriot prayer rally
Leaked internal chats reveal Matt Blais (aka “Not Alois Brunner”) and Bogdan Gerasimyuk (aka “ChuckShoomer”) in coordination with other neo-Nazis such as Jimmy Marr prior to Joey Gibson’s rally. It also gives a glimpse of the glee they felt at being able to openly yell racial slurs while among Joey Gibson’s racist followers.

June 4, 2017

Members of the PDX Stormers attended a hate rally organized by Joey Gibson which took place in the immediate aftermath of Patriot Prayer follower Jeremy Christian’s double murder on the MAX train. A number of the PDX Stormers were present on June 4, including Alex Becker, Matt Blais, Mike Dorsey, and the PDX Stormers member we currently refer to as “Germany.”

organizing CCC waterfront
On the CCC Discord, Blais (aka beornmod) coordinates the meetup between the PDX Stormers and other neo-Nazis for the June 4, 2017 Patriot Prayer rally.

Matt Blais attends a patriot prayer rally
(Right) Blais is seen at the June 4, 2017 hate rally in downtown Portland.

August 20, 2017

In May of 2017, The Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin began posting about the solar eclipse which was to occur on August 21, 2017. He referred to it as the “Black Sun” (a common term also for the sonnenrad symbol commonly appropriated by neo-Nazis) and encouraged his site’s readers to take action for a “Summer Of Hate.” As August drew closer, the PDX Stormers began to coordinate with other regional neo-Nazis for a series of freeway banner displays to coincide with the massive spike in traffic brought about by the Pacific Northwest’s position in the eclipse’s path of totatity. Blais himself participated in an anti-Semitic display over the I-205 freeway in Vancouver, WA, and when he posted documentation of the stunt in the CCC logs, TWP’s Matthew Stafford (aka My Name Is Hate) and Atomwaffen Division member Kaleb Cole (aka khimaere) responded with approval.

Matt Blais holds an anti-Semitic banner
Matt Blais helps display an anti-Semitic banner over the freeway in Vancouver, WA. He is also seen invoking an anti-Semitic slur in the comments.

September 10, 2017

Joey Gibson scheduled a Patriot Prayer hate rally for downtown Portland, but hastily changed the venue to Vancouver Landing Amphitheater the night before the event when he realized that he would face massive opposition from Portland residents. Matthew Blais and other members of the PDX Stormers neo-Nazi organization such as Jarl Rockhill, Alex Becker, and “Might is Right” were in attendance at the rally.

Matt Blais and PDX Stormers attend a Joey Gibson rally
Matt Blais and other PDX Stormers attend a Joey Gibson Patriot Prayer rally in Vancouver, WA. Also pictured is Patriot Prayer “anti-antifa” activist Adrienne Hitchcock.

November 13, 2017

On the anniversary of the murder of Mulugeta Seraw by neo-Nazis in Portland, OR, the PDX Stormers collaborated with Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer followers to hold an “It’s Okay To Be white” rally on a nearby freeway overpass in Vancouver, WA. Many neo-Nazis were present, and among them Raul Gonzalez displayed a knife with a swastika on it. A large number of anti-fascists showed up to oppose the fascist display.

Matt Blais attends a neo-Nazi propaganda rally
PDX Stormers members Matt Blais and “Might is Right” are seen at a neo-Nazi propaganda rally held on the anniversary of Mulugeta Seraw’s murder.

Affiliations Within The Alt-Right

The Cascadian Coffee Company Discord server put Matthew Blais in contact with regional neo-Nazi’s affiliated with a number of different organizations, including American Front, Atomwaffen Division, and the Traditionalist Workers Party. Beyond that, though, Blais maintains an active role in forging connections and coordinating activities across white nationalist groups in the Pacific Northwest. Early messages within the CCC Twitter chat show him discussing attending a 2017 Northwest Forum in Seattle, along with Jeffrey Fairwater of True Cascadia. His links to TC include correspondence with another group leader, Herrenvolk, and likely included more direct local contact with True Cascadia members in the Portland metro area, such as Andrew Murphy Harkins. During action strategizing chats in the CCC Discords, Blais repeatedly references information about attendance at Patriot Prayer events by Identity Europa and True Cascadia members, suggesting that he served as a crucial link connecting those groups with more explicitly neo-Nazi organizers like Marr, Woods, Oswalt, and Combs. Photos from events attended by Blais and other PDX Stormers indicate clear social connections between the Stormers and numerous ex-“PSU Students for Trump” who are current Identity Europa affiliates, such as Liam Wynn.

Matt Blais organizes with True Cascadia members
Leaked internal chats reveal Matt Blais’ attendance at the white supremacist “Northwest Forum” event, and his organizational associations with True Cascadia leaders “J Fairwater” and “Herrenvolk”.

Matt Blais makes racist jokes in the CCC logs
Matt Blais is seen making fun of far-right Patriot Prayer activist Carl D Todd and pedophile videographer Deme Cooper. Neo-Nazis Andrew Oswalt and Jimmy Marr respond with anti-Semitism and misogyny.

Organizing Role

Since the early days of taking a leadership role in forming a regional chapter of the DSBCs, Blais has come to view himself as something of a strategic guru in the contemporary fascist movement. Identifying himself as an adherent of insurrectionary secessionist strategies like the Northwest Territorial Imperative, Blais often posts long-winded, shallowly-researched Twitter threads of dubious advice on operational security, survivalist strategies, and tactical weapons use. His veneer of credibility with online Nazis is derived in part from the sheer volume of his obsessive posting, and also from his ability to remain heretofore anonymous online. In actuality, his lack of real-world organizing experience, youthful copy-cat mentality, and sole-association with other irresponsible neo-Nazi edgelords means that his value as a source of reliable advice to other neo-Nazis really doesn’t surpass that of a social media megaphone. Furthermore, the information in this article should obviate any claims he might make to having a decent knowledge of operational security.

Matt Blais propagandizes for the Northwest Front
Matthew Blais, who resides at 2600 T St Apt 77, Vancouver, WA, offers his neo-Nazi followers advice on protecting their physical location.

However, that status as a willing megaphone for violence is hardly benign. Around August of 2018, Matt Blais began regularly posting propaganda materials boosting the Northwest Front, an organization founded by recently-deceased neo-Nazi activist Harold Covington, who had previously been ridiculed by Blais’ fascist friends in the CCC logs. The Northwest Front is an organization dedicated to creating a white ethnostate in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. A month later, Blais rapidly transitioned into recruiting for the militarized insurrectionary neo-Nazi network known as “The Base”. Members of The Base network avow a set of “leaderless resistance” tactics similar to those outlined in James Mason’s Siege newsletters (documents which became foundational to Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi organization that has murdered multiple people in the past two years). Blais frequently encourages other participants in the online neo-Nazi milieu to “read Siege with the aim of inducing them to participate in acts of “lone wolf” violence. Blais has also frequently recommended other Nazi literature such as The Turner Diaries and Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Matt Blais propagandizes for the Northwest Front
Matt Blais (aka SoCo / EmpireGenerator) shares propaganda for the Northwest Front and the Northwest Territorial Imperative.

Matt Blais recruits for The Base
Matt Blais (aka Soco / EmpireGenerator) recruits for the paramilitary neo-Nazi organization called The Base.

Matt Blais praises Atomwaffen Division
Blais praises the neo-Nazi organization Atomwaffen Division.

Matt Blais encourages other neo-Nazis to read Siege
Matt Blais encourages his online neo-Nazi friends to read Siege and brags about listening to an audiobook version while at work.

CCC siege
In April of 2017, Blais (aka beornmod) admits in conversation with Matthew Combs (aka Blackhat16) that he hasn’t read Siege, suggesting that Blais’ evangelism for the text is another instance of his hopping on a particular neo-Nazi bandwagon.

Matt Blais encourages other neo-Nazis to read The Turner Diaries and Mein Kampf
Blais encourages his followers to read The Turner Diaries and Mein Kampf.

In August of 2018, Blais also posted a description of a traffic incident vaguely reminiscent of his fellow PDX Stormers neo-Nazi friend Alexander Becker’s documented incident of racist road rage. In hideously racist terms, Blais describes nearly hitting a black man with his car, smiling and waving at the angry pedestrian afterward, and explicitly mentions that he had a gun with him at the time.

Matt Blais describes a racist traffic incident
Blais brags about a racially motivated traffic incident.

Matthew Blais’ social media footprint contains innumerable examples of racism, anti-Semitism, avowal of neo-Nazi ideology, and apologism for fascist murderers.

Matt Blais posts racist white nationalist materials on gab
Matt Blais posts racist and white nationalist materials on several of his gab accounts.

Blais and a Twitter follower discuss MRA as entry point into neo-Nazi beliefs
Blais and Twitter user “Johnny 103” discuss how MRA Daryush Valizadeh (aka RooshV) serves to funnel young men into radical right-wing circles and neo-Nazism.

Blais shares a variation on a caricature of white nationalist hate preacher Allen Pucket which has become popular among users of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website. Pucket’s primary affliation is with the Hell Shaking Street Preachers and he is also a member of Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer organization. Pucket has marched and collaborated with the PDX Stormers at several of Gibson’s rallies.

Matt Blais idolizes Hitler and expresses his hope and intention of recreating Nazi Germany in the present day
Matt Blais frequently expresses nostalgia for Nazi-era Germany, and idolizes Hitler for his role in the extermination of millions of Jews.

Blais instructs fellow neo-Nazis to engage in IRL group social/activist activities
Blais encourages his follower to engage in real life activism, expresses his desire to live on a Nazi compound, and makes additional genocidal threats.

Matt Blais encourages Nazis to pretend they are nice people
While regularly advocating for the mass murder of large swaths of humanity, including many of his own neighbors, Blais encourages his online neo-Nazi friends to insinuate themselves into their local communities and cultivate convivial relations in order to mitigate the social cost of their abhorrent beliefs in the event of being doxxed by anti-fascists.

Matt Blais expresses support and sympathy for the convicted neo-Nazi murderer of Heather Heyer, James Fields
During the course of James Fields’ trial for the murder of Heather Heyer, Blais engaged in a near-constant campaign of support and sympathetic rhetoric for the killer, at times even arguing with his fellow white supremacists who sought to disengage from Fields for reasons of “optics”.

Blais praises 'good coverage' of Fields' trial by Anglin, the Daily Stormer, and David Duke
Matt Blais highlights specific instances of supportive and sympathetic coverage of James Fields by Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin, the Daily Stormer main site, and prominent white supremacist (and ex-Grand Wizard of the KKK) David Duke.

Matt Blais and his fellow CCC participant, aging neo-Nazi performance artist Jimmy Marr, suggest that Fields' conviction justifies murdering anti-racists with cars
Blais and fellow “Oregon Aryan” Jimmy Marr both state that they believe Fields’ conviction means that in the future, white supremacists facing potential jail time should simply maximize anti-fascist casualties, since they’ll be convicted and sentenced to life no matter what.

Matt Blais posts extensive anti-Semitic propaganda and neo-Nazi memes
Blais builds his personal brand across multiple social media platforms with a reliable output of anti-Semitic posts.

Blais expresses nostalgia for Auschwitz
Matt Blais encourages his fellow neo-Nazis to ‘keep the long game in mind,’ while refering to aerial photo of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Matt Blais celebrates synagogue shooting while also suggesting it never happened
Matt Blais celebrates the Tree of Life synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh immediately after news reports of the attack emerge, and then subsequently pivots to a bizarre conspiracy theory that it was somehow a “false-flag” operation that never actually occurred.

Blais shares images of his firearms and 'bugout bag' with fellow white supremacists
Matt Blais shares photos of his gun and other “survival” equipment with his neo-Nazi friends.

Tech Knowledge and Doxxing

Blais seems to have a basic amount of tech skills, which he uses to further regional neo-Nazi aims. Posts within the CCC Discord show that he created a number of databases that neo-Nazis used to attempt to gather intelligence on activists, with the hopes of doxxing them. However, given that none of these databases still exist, we can assume that they were not very useful.

Blais database
Blais (aka beornmod) shares the URL of a forum he created for sharing intel about anti-fascist activists.

CCC Lucky Lab
In a post on the CCC Discord, Blais speaks about the harassment and hacking of Lucky Lab employees that occurred after the PDX Stormers and other neo-Nazis were kicked out of that bar in March 2017.

CCC tech
On the CCC Discord, Blais espouses his amateur tech knowledge.

Clear Pictures

Clear photos of Matthew Blais 1/2

Clear photos of Matthew Blais 2/2

Current Details

NAME: Matthew Paul Blais
AKA: beornmod; social conquest; soco; slamstein; empiregenerator; thefashygoy; argentnorthwest; spqrebel
DOB: 11/08/1993
ADDRESS: 2600 T St Apt 77, Vancouver, WA
EMAIL: [email protected]
EMPLOYMENT: Securitas (Vancouver), 7700 NE Parkway Drive Vancouver WA 98662; Phone: 360-604-5556
VEHICLE: Green Dodge pickup - WA C73683K

Matthew Blais has access to firearms, works as a professionally-licensed security guard, and encourages racist lone wolf and collective violence along neo-Nazi ideological lines on a daily basis via multiple networks. He has been a point of contact for several recent violent fascist organizations and is attempting to foment increasingly militarized training, action, and terror.

Rose City Antifa is dedicated to the pursuit of a community free of anti-Semitic, racist, and homophobic propaganda, and to exposing neo-Nazis before their ideology manifests itself in action. In the coming weeks, we will provide additional information to publicly identify Bogdan Gerasimyuk, and Michael Dorsey, two other members of the neo-Nazi PDX Stormers. Follow along with us here or through the hashtags #stormerbreaker and #debaseddoxx, and join us in exposing fascist organizing in the Pacific Northwest.

If you have information on the PDX Stormers or any racist or fascist organizing in your area, contact Rose City Antifa at [email protected].