The Fascist Creep is Rampant at Joey Gibson's Latest Rally

On August 6th, Joey Gibson stood with nazis while claiming not to stand with nazis. On August 6th, Joey Gibson held another far-right rally in downtown Portland, In an effort to record the facts about this fascist-enabling activity and provide educational tools for those new to anti-fascist activism, we held a Fight the Fascist Creep Fundraiser Challenge. After outlining eight different types of fascist-enabling activity that had been seen at Gibson’s previous events, we asked those opposed to this sort of fascist creep to pledge donations to the National Network of Abortion Funds for every instance of this activity we counted.

White Supremacist Organizer Jacob Ott is Not Welcome in Portland

Jacob Ott (aka Jake Von Ott, Jake Frank) is the Oregon regional coordinator for Identity Europa. We first began reporting on him when, along with several other white supremacists, neo-nazis, and white nationalists, he appeared at Joey Gibson’s April 29th “Free Speech” march in the immigrant Montavilla neighborhood of Portland. Multiple participants in Joey Gibson’s rally, including Jake, were seen throwing nazi salutes and posting white supremacist propaganda along 82nd Ave.

Allen Pucket: A Case Study In Creeping Fascism As Facilitated By Joey Gibson

Allen Pucket begs the police for an escort to safety after hurling homophobic hate speech at Portland Pride 2017. Over the last several months, Rose City Antifa has been tracking the way in which white supremacists use Joey Gibson’s events to recruit and organize from among the far-right. But it is not just the white supremacists pulling them closer– members of the far-right are themselves becoming more visibly radicalized through rubbing shoulders with white supremacists at these rallies.

Jeffery Hughes: Oath Keeper, Fascist, and Racist who Attends Joey Gibson's Patriot Prayer Events

Rose City Antifa has been tracking a number of white supremacists and fascists that show up to Joey Gibson’s rallies. Some of these we have written about, like Jeremy Christian, Jake Ott, Tim Gionet, Raul Gonzalez, The Traditionalist Workers Party, and the Proud Boys, as well as a number of others. Others, we continue to track, collecting as much useful information as possible on their activities and associates, before we expose them for what they are.

Fight the Fascist Creep in Portland with Rose City Antifa's 8/6 Fundraiser Challenge!

On August 6th, Joey Gibson will be hosting yet another rally at Portland’s Waterfront Park. Gibson, whose rhetoric is rapidly descending into paranoid conspiracy theorist word-soup, has taken to calling anti-fascists “terrorfa,” as he attempts to demonize local residents and activists alike by labeling the community’s opposition to his activities as terrorism. Rose City Antifa is familiar with these tactics. Fascists throughout history have attempted to portray self-defense of the community as the activity of a mob of criminals.

Neo-Nazis Deny Obvious White Supremacism to the Media, as Joey Gibson Turns a Blind Eye

Tim Gionet and Jake Ott displaying a hand-sign that is ‘totally not white supremacist’… except that white supremacists keep making it, to try to prove they aren’t white supremacist. White supremacists often try to hide their racism, because their aborrent ideologies cause the communities in which they live to rise up against them. While it will surprise few people that racists are also often liars, it is important to not let the misdirections distract us from their true aims.

Tell Summa North That Your Community Doesn't Accept White Supremacist Apologists Like Joey Gibson

UPDATE: Joey Gibson has been fired! Summa has confirmed to us that Joey Gibson has been terminated. We sincerely applaud their quick response to the situation, and their commitment to keeping white supremacists out of our community. Joey Gibson (aka Patriot Prayer) and his group of street brawlers (recently renamed as American Freedom Warriors) are known throughout the Portland metro area for organizing rallies attended by white supremacists, Nazis, and bigots.

From Far-Right to Nazi - Report Back from the June 4 Stand Against Fascism

On June 4th in Terry Schrunk Park in downtown Portland, Joey Gibson, his newly-minted Warriors for Freedom group, and a couple hundred “Trump Free Speech Rally” attendees found themselves surrounded by thousands of local antifascists and their supporters. After white supremacist Jeremy Christian, who had attended one of Gibson’s recent rallies, allegedly murdered two people and critically injured a third aboard a MAX train on May 26th, a widespread movement against Gibson’s activities grew, opposing these opportunties for racists to gather and condeming the disingenuous veneer of defending “free speech.

Meet Warriors for Freedom: Racist Rage Revival Club

The last year has seen a lot of strange political occurrences, but perhaps none more bizarre than the rise of Joey Gibson. Gibson runs a conservative Christian video podcast, which itself is unnotable. However, Gibson himself has become a central figure in a new organization of violent street fighters, who go by the hard-to-take-serious name “Warriors for Freedom” (WFF). This group has come together from a number of sources. Some members are part of the Trump supporter milieu, others are part of a patriotic motorcycle gang.

A Pattern of Enabling Racist Violence

On Friday May 26th, a man on Portland public transit was reported to have yelled Islamophobic hate speech at two women, one in a hijab. He was confronted by other passengers, and now two of these people are dead, and another is in the hospital. White supremacist Jeremy Christian was arrested for the attack. Christian is well-known to anti-fascist activists in Portland, because he was recently seen at one of Joey Gibson’s free speech rallies.