The Far-Right Plans to Invade Portland on August 17th

In recently uploaded selfies, far-right conspiracy theorist Joe Biggs endorses violence and murder against activists, and condones the legacy of extrajudicial murders perpetrated by fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet against political dissidents. Once again, the far-Right is planning to invade downtown Portland, intent on staging a battle with “communists and leftists.” Reminiscent of the June 30 and August 4, 2018 Patriot Prayer rallies in which far-right brawlers, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis came from all over the country to hunt activists in downtown, national groups and far-Right media personalities from far outside of Portland are coming here on August 17, 2019 to bring their branded political violence to our streets.

Statement on the Far-Right's Attempt to Criminalize Protest of Concentration Camp Deaths and Hate Groups

Background On July 18, 2019, two U.S. Senators introduced a resolution attempting to designate “antifa” as a domestic terrorist organization. In a week that saw a Trump rally featuring a racist chant for the deportation of a progressive, black Muslim congresswoman, there can be no clearer sign as to where we are at, than this effort to declare anti-fascism itself illegal. The Republican party is explicitly targeting political opposition. There is no definition of “antifa” outlined in the resolution.

Statement about June 29, 2019

On June 29, 2019, Andy Ngo tried a repeat of his actions on May 1, 2019– to film the actions of armed men on a mission to attack activists, to be used for propaganda purposes. As on May Day, this past weekend he and the far-right mob were stopped, physically. The events of this weekend are what we mean by community defense. The entire community came together, using multiple tactics, and sent a premeditated attack by the far-right packing.

PDX Proud Boys Hate Group Member JD Stockton

Jacob “JD” Stockton is a Portland-based member of the extremely violent alt-right Proud Boys hate group. He has also participated in violent rallies organized by Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson since at least June 30, 2017. Stockton is one of the organizers of the upcoming June 29, 2019 Proud Boys rally in Portland, where members of the hate group have openly expressed their intent to assault and harm Portlanders.

Call to Defend Portland Against Proud Boy Attack

On Saturday, June 29, the Proud Boys hate group is planning to invade downtown Portland, looking for targets for violent attacks. This incursion is being set up as “The Battle of Portland Part Two,” occurring nearly one year after the June 30, 2018 Patriot Prayer / “Joey Gibson for U.S. Senate” rally that brought white nationalists and fascists from across the country to assault anti-fascists. Rose City Antifa and allied groups are calling the community to come out to the streets of Portland on June 29, 2019, to defend our city against this attack.

Alex Loupe - Identity Europa Fascist in San Diego

Unicorn Riot recently released the chat logs of the white nationalist group Identity Europa, which contains almost 250k messages from approximately 900 unique users. After these logs were released, the organization clumsily attempted to re-brand itself as the “American Identity Movement,” but has been unable to stop the steady flow of revelations about the identities and beliefs of its racist membership. This brief article will reveal the identity of “DeusVolk” to be San Diego resident Alex Loupe, but for context, we also recommend anti-fascist articles on other southern California members such as Derek Magill, Patrick Kevin Kelly, Christopher Thompson, Joe Arrigo, Blaze Kody Spon, Kyle Aaron Scheuerlein, Sean Miner, Logan Piercy, Courtney Piercy, and NoCARA’s articles on DIY Division aka the Rise Above Movement.

Mike Mahoney - PSU College Republicans Host a Fascist Propagandist

On Friday, May 31st, the PSU College Republicans hosted an on-campus event titled “American Nature,” featuring alt-right troll Mike Mahoney aka “Mike Ma” as the evening’s invited speaker. Mike Mahoney, a racist anti-Semite who has a history of glorifying violence and promoting violent fascist groups, is one more fascist posing as simply a “far-right media personality” which College Republican groups have brought on to college campuses under the guise of “free speech.

Kristopher Foster - Neo-Nazi Radicalized By Patriot Prayer

Kristopher Foster marches with Joey Gibson, Patrick Stupfel, Jay Bishop, Jonathan Zimmerman, Deme Cooper, and other Patriot Prayer followers at Joey Gibson’s April 29, 2017 hate rally in the Montavilla neighborhood of Portland In an article written for Clark County Today during a series of late 2018 campus rallies in the Vancouver, WA area, a journalist interviewing Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson and violent Proud Boy Tiny Toese reported “both men claim that they have welcomed known neo-nazis into their group, but that those men no longer are racists after hearing what they have to say.

Alyssa Vinsonhaler - White Supremacy's So-Called Antifa Convert

A recent addition to Patriot Prayer’s mob of far-right activists, Alyssa Vinsonhaler quickly made herself a key player in white nationalist Haley Adams’ entourage by presenting herself as a “former member” of antifa. In promoting herself as a so-called insider source on the radical left, she’s given Adams and others fresh targets for harrassment and facile rhetorical fodder for their bigoted agenda. A screenshot from far-right troll Keith Campbell’s Youtube video labels Vinsonhaler a member of Rose City Antifa.

Haley Adams - White Nationalist Wanna-be Celebrity

Haley Adams Haley Adams is a white nationalist member of Patriot Prayer who has been a consistent presence at Patriot Prayer and Proud Boy events and struggled to transform herself into an alt-right celebrity. Recently, Adams’ constant attempt to propel herself into the far-right media spotlight has been a cause for significant in-fighting amongst Patriot Prayer, the Proud Boys, and her own group of far-right amateurs. After a feud led former Proud Boy Kim Costello to be outed, Rose City Antifa was sent another tip, detailing Adams’ home address.