Call to Action - Defend The Memory Of Mulugeta Seraw from Racial Intimidation

Join us on November 13th at 12pm on the E 39th Street overpass in Vancouver, WA, to put a stop to a campaign of white supremacist intimidation on the anniversary of one of Portland’s most notorious racist murders. In the early morning hours of November 13th, 1988, PSU student and beloved member of Portland’s Ethiopian diaspora community Mulugeta Seraw succumbed to injuries inflicted upon him in a vicious attack by members of Portland’s neo-nazi “East Side White Pride” gang.

Far-Right Film Clips - Aiding Fascists for Ad Revenue

Since the advent of cheap digital cameras, recording protests has become ubiquitous. After a scant few of these camerapeople were able to convert their willingness to stick a camera into other people’s faces into actual paying jobs, they have been followed by an endless parade of wannabes. The era of protests kicking off in 2016 has created a new tide of these amateur annoyances. Especially on the conservative end of the spectrum, the tide of fake news has carried with it the bloated carcasses of video: the far-right film clip.

Montavilla Revisited

Joey Gibson made his first big splash in Portland on April 29th of 2017 by marching through the Montavilla neighborhood in a far right wing mob which included sieg heiling neo-nazis. This “March for Free Speech,” predicated on hyped up fears of supposed leftist violence based on a single mysterious email, also left white supremacist propaganda pasted up on 82nd Avenue, the main street of the immigrant Montavilla neighborhood. Disgraceful as that was, less than a month later on May 26th, this event retroactively gained new significance as one of the march’s neo-nazi attendees viciously stabbed three people, killing two (Ricky John Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche), aboard a MAX train after they attempted to interrupt his racist and Islamophobic attacks on two young women of color.

Statement on Dave Strano

As members of the TORCH Anti-fascist Network, Rose City Antifa fully supports this statement of the Network, and endorses it in full. It has come to our attention that Dave Strano of Redneck Revolt and the John Brown Gun Club has engaged in an ongoing pattern of behavior that is oppressive, exploitative, abusive, and which put comrades’ activities and well-being at risk. Strano’s behavior is in complete contradiction to what the TORCH Network stands for, as recorded in our Points of Unity.

Fascist Creep in the Patriot Movement: Steve Shallenberger and Friends

It is often difficult for people to tell the difference between run-of-the-mill Trump supporters and fascists at first glance. Fascists often exploit Trump supporters, by hiding in their midst at events, and disguising themselves with Trump apparel, rather than showing fascist flags and symbols. But additionally, the line between far-right groups and fascism can be hazy. Steve Shallenberger, a former neo-nazi skinhead who now attempts to pass himself off as simply a “patriot,” is a perfect example of how fascism can hide in plain sight in the far-right.

Joey Gibson's Last Card to Play: False 'Nonviolent' Martyrdom for Violent Bigots And Neo-Nazis

Update: “John” was identified as Jarl Rockhill by Eugene Antifa and PNW-AWC. With a legacy of attacking anti-fascist protesters and inviting openly anti-semitic keynote speakers who encourage participants at his rallies to recite neo-nazi slogans, Joey Gibson has been running for cover from angry community members who are tired of having his events draw hate to their cities. But Gibson is trying one last gambit to promote his franchise of far-right celebrity: martyrdom.

Tell Serra Dispensary: No Fascists in Our City!

Update: we have received word that Vanderzanden has been fired from Serra. We’re waiting for confirmation. Joel Vanderzanden, a member of the fascist group Operation Werewolf, is currently working as a manager at the Serra dispensary on Belmont. Join Rose City Antifa in telling Serra that our community will not tolerate white supremacists who threaten customers, neighbors, and co-workers! Serra Belmont 2519 SE Belmont St Portland, OR 97214 Phone: 971-544-7055

Stand Up! Community Defense Against Patriot Prayer!

Local alt-right demagogue, Joey Gibson, refuses to stop his organizing activities despite the recent tragedy in Charlottesville. At this stage there can be no doubt that no matter what lip service Gibson pays to being a nice guy full of “love”, his actions demonstrate at best callous disregard, and at worst complete support for the violent impact of his rallies and those like it. After our numerous articles exposing his white supremacist associates, and the opposition antifa have been consistently giving his hate fests, only a small circle of die hard bigots and zealots remain.

The Fascist Creep is Rampant at Joey Gibson's Latest Rally

On August 6th, Joey Gibson stood with nazis while claiming not to stand with nazis. On August 6th, Joey Gibson held another far-right rally in downtown Portland, In an effort to record the facts about this fascist-enabling activity and provide educational tools for those new to anti-fascist activism, we held a Fight the Fascist Creep Fundraiser Challenge. After outlining eight different types of fascist-enabling activity that had been seen at Gibson’s previous events, we asked those opposed to this sort of fascist creep to pledge donations to the National Network of Abortion Funds for every instance of this activity we counted.

White Supremacist Organizer Jacob Ott is Not Welcome in Portland

Jacob Ott (aka Jake Von Ott, Jake Frank) is the Oregon regional coordinator for Identity Europa. We first began reporting on him when, along with several other white supremacists, neo-nazis, and white nationalists, he appeared at Joey Gibson’s April 29th “Free Speech” march in the immigrant Montavilla neighborhood of Portland. Multiple participants in Joey Gibson’s rally, including Jake, were seen throwing nazi salutes and posting white supremacist propaganda along 82nd Ave.