Proud Boys Hate Group To Rally In Portland On September 26th

Published on Sep 23, 2020

- IMAGE - S26

The Proud Boys are planning a rally in Portland for September 26th. They view our city as a playground for violence, where they drive in from out of state and fly in from around the country to assault people, and the cops are happy to make them feel welcome. We know what that looks like, and we know how to stop it: showing up. They’re not particularly brave people, and when we outnumber them, they don’t feel so confident in their plans. The more of us there are, the safer we all are. This is our town, not their playground. Show up for your neighbors, show up for your friends, show up for people you’ve never met - show up to keep each other safe.

After the confluence of rallies on August 22, organized by alt-right fascists like Amber Cummings (and their conservative allies like Audra Price, Shelby Walman, and Sally Hill) which a number of Proud Boys attended and used as an opportunity to engage in violent assaults against Portlanders; it became clear to all who witnessed the events of the day that the Portland Police would continue their habit of playing nice with the far-right and brutalizing anyone who opposes their aggression and violence. This tacit and sometimes outright support from the PPB emboldened the Proud Boys to organize their own rally on September 26 where Proud Boys from around the country will expect the same level of impunity to assault Portlanders.

- IMAGE - threats from Proud Boys on parler
Members and supporters of the Proud Boys hate group respond to the announcement of their rally with deranged eagerness for their notorious fascist violence. Noblebeard’s “rubs hands” comment makes use of a popular antisemitic trope within their milieu, while Vrtlancer gives voice to a number of ridiculous conspiracy tropes in the course of justifying a call to mass murder. The Proud Boys hate group is unanimous in its support for mass shooter and double-murderer Kyle Rittenhouse.

- IMAGE - threats from Proud Boys on parler
More threats of violence from members and supporters of the fascist Proud Boys hate group. These comments also include threats and denigration toward Portland’s houseless community members. Comments like these give the lie to the Proud Boys’ public statements pretending they come to Portland to “peacefully demonstrate”.

The Proud Boys are a fascist hate group that occasionally makes efforts to publicly restrain their bigotry to dog-whistles and forms more widely accepted by the right generally - transphobia, homophobia, and islamophobia for example. In communication with each other, and on less public platforms, their embrace of racism and white nationalist talking points, as well as overt neo-Nazi organizing, becomes less hidden. For example, there are many Proud Boy telegram channels, where they openly promote Nazi propaganda.

- IMAGE - golden one
On the largest Proud Boy telegram channel, they forward a post from white nationalist youtuber “The Golden One”. On the right is a sample of other content The Golden One posts, including quotes from fascist ‘intellectual’ Julius Evola and fascist political leader Corneliu Codreanu.

- IMAGE - proud boys promote nazi propaganda
Several Proud Boy telegram channels promote the work of “Hundred Handers”, a xenophobic, white nationalist group that encourages people to put up their racist stickers. On the right is a sample of what else appears in the Hundred Handers telegram channel, where they say they’re hopeful for a “a new dawn of white racial awakening”.

- IMAGE - antisemitism
The Proud Boys began hinting at another attempted assault on Portland in early August. Right wing twitter clone Parler has re-named its “retweet” function as “echo” - which the neo-Nazi enthusiasts of the Proud Boys hate group take as an opportunity to use the antisemitic triple-parentheses “echo” meme.

While the Proud Boys’ history of violence and ongoing political ideology speak for for themselves, they have additionally been involved with the planning of and attending Unite The Right in Charlottesville in 2017, where Heather Heyer was murdered. Their lawyer, Jason Lee Van Dyke, was involved with an assassination plot.

Who’s Who

We expect the typical allies of the fascist Proud Boys hate group to show up to this event - from violent neo-Nazis like Allen Pucket and David Willis, to “conservative” republicans who nonetheless do not mind direct collaboration with violent neo-Nazis. To wit, Patriot Prayer’s new friend Chester…

Chester Doles

Neo-Nazi Chester Doles of Georgia may be an unfamiliar face in Portland but he has a decades-long history of active white supremacist organizing with many violent groups including the Ku Klux Klan, Hammerskins, and National Alliance. While in the Hammerskins, Doles instigated an assault on an interracial couple and the following year attended the deadly Unite the Right rally. Doles has recently been making inroads into more mainstream Republican politics in Georgia and has been spending some time in Portland and Vancouver making threats of violence and making friends with Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson and local Proud Boys.

- IMAGE - chester doles nazi
Chester Doles at Unite The Right in 2017. Photo from Atlanta Antifascists.

- IMAGE - joey gibson with nazi chester doles
Surprising no one, Joey Gibson poses for a picture with his arm around disgusting white supremacist Chester Doles.

- IMAGE - threats from nazi chester doles
Doles urges his followers to “prepare your wills” in preparation for September 26th.

- IMAGE - nazi chester doles promotes proud boys event
Klansman and member of Hammerskins and National Alliance Chester Doles promotes the Proud Boy 9/26 event.

Conservative MAGA and “Back The Blue” organizations

Months of intense disinformation toward the creation of a bogeyman caricature of “ANTIFA” from the GOP’s Trump 2020 campaign, various layers of law enforcement, and both mainstream and fringe right wing media networks has had the possibly-intended side effect of rehabilitating the reputations of fascist hate groups like the Proud Boys and their neo-Nazi allies. The number of middling “conservative” adherents to right wing politics who are willing to take a chance on organizing with outright fascists has exploded, bringing with it events like what occurred on August 22 in downtown Portland, where a mass of fascists (e.g. Proud Boys like Gordon Cronk, Carl Todd; Operation Werewolf associate Richard Bowman; etc.) and neo-Nazis (e.g. David Willis, Corey Wyatt) assaulted Portlanders in front of Portland Police for over an hour alongside “conservative” activists like Audra Price, Sally Hill, and Shelby Walman. For further background on the convergence of conservative, far-right, and accelerationist fascist organizations which fomented the violence of 8/22, we recommend Eugene Antifa’s reporting on the “PNW Patriot Coalition”.

Rose City Antifa would very much prefer not to have to write about conservatives at all, but when they directly ally themselves with notoriously violent fascist and neo-Nazi hate groups, we are left with little choice but to report on their extremely dangerous activities in order to keep our communities informed of the dangerous threat posed by their collaborative aggression.

Audra Price

Audra Ann Price (née Bowden), 38, of Oregon City, OR, is the primary admin of the Facebook group COPS NW: Community of Police Supporters, a group with over 21,000 members. She was also a key organizer for the events of 08/22 and is becoming a major facilitator for ideological cross-pollination between run of the mill Trump supporters and fascist groups such as the Proud Boys. Audra’s experience with right-wing political activism and community organizing prior to administrating COPS NW is drawn from her participation in the anti-abortion movement and time spent hassling women seeking abortions outside Lovejoy Surgicenter in NW Portland where she’s somewhat of a regular.

- IMAGE - audra price promotes a violent far right rally
Audra Price advertises a private rally inside the closed “COPS NW” facebook group, several members of the Proud Boys hate group were subsequently found on the event’s list of attendees

- IMAGE - audra price anti choice
Audra Price (second from left) agitates for the government to impose laws against women’s reproductive freedom along with Sally Hill (right)

Audra is regularly organizing “Back the Blue” events in Portland and surrounding areas including Gresham, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Canby, Milwaulkie, and McMinnville. She also regularly promotes other right wing events and rallies, such as the recent Trump Cruise rallies and the Gresham Backs the Blue events of 08/26 and 09/02 that facilitate crossover between fascist, white supremacist groups, such as the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer, and mainstream conservatives.

- IMAGE - audra price and fascist andrew duncomb
Audra Price promotes trolling by alt-right agitator Drew Duncomb, who marched in the deadly “Unite The Right” neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville.

Audra is rapidly becoming a Proud Boy apologist and fascist enabler via her platform in COPS NW where she publicly rehabilitates the image of both Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys to her large and very impressionable audience. Utilizing her white womanhood and the perceived innocence and harmlessness attached to that identity, she fills a role inside the far right ecosystem not unlike the mothers of the Massive Resistance movement in Virginia during the fight against Integration. Audra Price acts as a shield maiden of white supremacy, using the social cachet of her own identity as a white, christian mom to both lend the Proud Boys’ brawlers her respectability and organize in ways that facilitate and provide cover for the violence they perpetrate against our communities.

- IMAGE - audra price promotes nazi collaborator joey gibson
Including herself in a “we” that references Patriot Prayer’s violent following, Audra Price pretends that Joey Gibson’s well-documented history of constant collaboration with violent fascists and overt neo-Nazis does not exist, and that people who report on those facts are lying.

Shelby Walman

Troutdale resident Shelby Steven Walman (aka Shelby Follett) is the primary admin of the Facebook group “Back The Blue PDX” and has coordinated with members of the Proud Boys hate group and their neo-Nazi allies. Aside from his far-right organizing, Walman has also owned multiple businesses including SPIC N SPAN LLC & FOLLETT FITNESS AND NUTRITION LLC.

- IMAGE - shelby walman
Shelby Walman

- IMAGE - shelby walman with allen pucket
Shelby Walman gives a speech next to violent neo-Nazi hate preacher Allen Pucket as Audra Price listens along with violent Proud Boys hate group members Jake Adkins & Tiny Toese, and ex-Proud Boy and domestic abuser Robert Zerfing.

- IMAGE - shelby walman praises fascists
Shelby Walman explicitly praises the fascist Proud Boys hate group, who perpetrated dozens of assaults and brandished firearms at the event he is discussing here.

- IMAGE - shelby walman promotes a fascist rally
Shelby Walman promotes the Proud Boys hate group’s 9/26/2020 event, where they have promised violence and bloodshed.

- IMAGE - shelby walman mark nikolai
Shelby Walman has made many posts in support of Clackamas County Sheriff Deputy Mark Nikolai, who appears to have advised far-right militia members to plant weapons on the bodies of people who they might murder based on the pretext of conspiracist disinfo he himself helped to spread.

Sally Hill

Lake Oswego resident Sally A. Hill (née Layton) appears to have been a longtime right-wing evangelical agitator for the U.S. government to implement laws which limit women’s reproductive freedom, but more recently has waded into pro-cop “Back The Blue” political causes which denigrate and dehumanize activists who protest racist police brutality and rampant police murders of Black people in the United States. Sally is also an admin of the Facebook group COPS NW: Community of Police Supporters and organized one of the main rallies from August 22, 2020, which attracted violent fascists and neo-Nazis who assaulted Portlanders downtown. Afterward Hill explicitly praised the members of the fascist Proud Boys hate group who had perpetrated assaults.

- IMAGE - sally hill
Sally Hill

- IMAGE - sally hill praises fascists
Sally Hill praises the violent fascists of the Proud Boys hate group.

- IMAGE - sally hill praises racist police murder
An image posted by Sally Hill on Facebook that says “I am Darren Wilson”, the cop who shot and killed Michael Brown. Other members of local far-right organizations such as violent racist three percenter Adam Kelly posted similar materials at the time.

- IMAGE - sally hill chills with a nazi
At the beginning of her rally, Sally Hill is photographed standing on the Justice Center steps alongside violent Patriot Prayer neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier Allen Pucket, as well as fellow COPS NW organizer Audra Price, hate preacher Quincy Franklin, YouTuber Nate Millsap, ex-Proud Boy and domestic abuser Robert Zerfing, and tryhard MAGA grifter Jerry Dyreson

- IMAGE - sally hill watches the fascist violence of her rally
Sally Hill and Audra Price stand at the back of a crowd of far-right agitators after they have begun to assault Portlanders in front of the Justice Center. The “WWG1WGA” shield was one of many symbols carried by Hill and Price’s rally attendees signifying their adherence to the antisemitic “Qanon” cult.

Michael Heppner Sr.

Oregon City, OR resident Michael Paul Heppner Sr organized the Labor Day cruise for Trump, after which ralliers from his event drove to the state capitol in Salem and participated in violent assaults against residents there. Heppner has now decided to throw his support behind the Proud Boys hate rally. Using the networks built from his Trump Cruise, he is running another event on September 26th, helping to support the Proud Boys and connect his followers to them and the violent neo-Nazis they attract.

- IMAGE - mike heppner
Oregon For Trump 2020 organizer Michael Heppner Sr.

- IMAGE - heppner facebook admin
Heppner reveals he runs the Oregon For Trump 2020 facebook page and the events it hosts.

- IMAGE - heppner cruise event
Heppner’s event runs at the same time and place as the September 26th Proud Boy event, drawing more people to support them in their offensive into Portland.

Sorbeah Almosa

Battle Ground, WA resident Sorbeah Almosa began her organizing by gathering a small group to harass Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland. She soon combined forces with neo-Nazi collaborator Amber Cummings to help organize events on August 22nd that saw a huge presence of Proud Boys and other violent far-right agitators launch repeated attacks on counter-protesters.

- IMAGE - sorbeah almosa
Pro-police & alt-right organizer Sorbeah Almosa.

- IMAGE - sorbeah almosa with fascists
Sorbeah Almosa on August 22nd, where the event she helped organize attracted Proud Boys and other violent far-right agitators who attacked counter-protesters.

- IMAGE - sorbeah almosa promotes fascist event
Sorbeah Almosa shares a video promoting the September 26th event organized by the Proud Boys hate group.

- IMAGE - sorbeah likes far right murder
Almosa praises mass-shooter and double-murderer Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse also drove across state lines to specifically harass Black Lives Matter protesters in a city where he doesn’t live, just as Almosa has done on several occasions. And also, like Almosa, Rittenhouse’s social media posts are filled with pro-police, “Blue Lives Matter” content.

Proud Boys hate group members and associates

We recommend reading our previous reporting on the Proud Boys hate group members in the Pacific Northwest, but we will be mentioning a few more here.

Daniel Tooze

Oregon City resident Daniel Grant Tooze (DOB: 07/27/1963) is a member of the violent fascist Proud Boys hate group, a failed political candidate, and a serial entrepreneur. Among two of Tooze’s businesses are Proud Boys themed ventures “Proud Pawn & Arms Corp” and “Proud Security Inc”; but he also owns “Portland Rack & Dock Co”, “Bar-B-Q”, as well as an airbnb-style houseboat rental called “Nahalem[sic] Marina And Boatel LLC” in Nehalem, OR. Tooze was also recently written about for grifting on social media in violation of rules against violence and extremism.

- IMAGE - tooze vehicular assault
Proud Boy Daniel Tooze posts a pic of his truck in the facebook event for the 8/29/20 “Trump Cruise”. The night of the Cruise, Tooze and his Proud Boy buddies were among those that terrorized random Portlanders while driving through downtown. In the picture on the right, Tooze drives through people in front of the truck while his passenger sprays a cloud of pepper spray out the window of the moving truck.

- IMAGE - tooze violence
Shortly after the violence of 8/22, Daniel Tooze posts a video celebrating the Proud Boy attack on a van known for providing snacks and water for free. Tooze and many other far-right social media consumers have taken to denigrating BLM as “burn loot murder”.

- IMAGE - daniel tooze business
Daniel Tooze calls his business…"Proud Security".

Carl Todd

Sherwood, OR resident Carl Dan Todd (DOB: 05/10/1962) is a violent white nationalist Proud Boys hate group member who also participated in the far-right occupation of the Malheur wildlife refuge and then joined Joey Gibson’s violent Patriot Prayer organization where he developed a taste for committing assaults on behalf of overt neo-Nazis. Membership in the fascist Proud Boys hate group was apparently a logical next step.

- IMAGE - fascist carl todd
Carl Todd yells slurs at Joey Gibson’s 12/9/2017 anti-immigrant hate rally

- IMAGE - carl todd violence
Carl Todd assaults Portlanders alongside neo-Nazis at Joey Gibson’s 12/9/2017 anti-immigrant hate rally

- IMAGE - carl todd promotes nazis
Proud Boy Carl Todd promotes neo-Nazi “Patriot Front” propaganda

James Heckler

Vancouver WA resident James Alan Heckler (DOB: 06/20/1974) is a member of the fascist Proud Boys hate group. Heckler started out as a member of the far-right III% militia, but after participating in multiple Patriot Prayer events with neo-Nazis, he decided he needed more fascism in his life.

- IMAGE - james heckler
James Heckler

- IMAGE - james heckler facebook page
James Heckler operates a far-right facebook page called “Press Guard Page” along with fellow threeper & Proud Boys hate group member Shawn Woolery, which shares far-right content from the likes of antisemitic conspiracy theorist Owen Shroyer and Christian Dominionist Matt Shea.

Marc Bru

Vancouver, WA resident Marc Anthony Bru (DOB: 10/14/1979) is a member of the fascist Proud Boys hate group.

- IMAGE - marc bru
Marc Bru

- IMAGE - marc bru at hate rally
Marc Bru with fellow Proud Boys hate group members including Hank Wallace & Niles Gregory

Hank Wallace

Washougal WA resident Hank Wayne Wallace (DOB: 12/26/1981) is a member of the fascist Proud Boys hate group.

- IMAGE - hank wallace
Hank Wallace

- IMAGE - wallace fb
Hank Wallace promotes the fascist Proud Boys hate group’s 9/26 rally on facebook.

- IMAGE - wallace at fascist rally
Hank Wallace marches in a fascist rally with other members of the Proud Boys hate group including Stephen Lamb, JD Stockton, Naphtali Moore, Anthony Bell, David Julian, Daniel Lyons Scott, and Christopher Ritchie, who also participated in the deadly neo-Nazi rally at Charlottesville.

Matt Stewart

Vancouver, WA resident Matthew Stewart is a member of the fascist Proud Boys hate group.

- IMAGE - matt stewart
Proud Boys hate group member Matt Stewart

- IMAGE - matt stewart at fascist rally
Matt Stewart is seen with other members of the violent fascist Proud Boys hate group such as Kenny Lizardo. This photo was taken at Proud Boys hate group member & neo-Nazi collaborator Joe Biggs’ fascist rally in August of 2019

Chris Perry

Vancouver, WA resident Jonathan Christopher Perry (aka Chris Perry; DOB: 08/18/1987) is a member of the fascist Proud Boys hate group.

- IMAGE - chris perry
Chris Perry

- IMAGE - chris perry at at fascist rally
Chris Perry with fellow Proud Boys hate group members such as Niles Gregory, Dan Garris, David Silliman, and TJ Ricky at Joey Gibson’s extremely violent 6/30/2018 hate rally in downtown Portland

- IMAGE - chris perry with fascists at rally
Chris Perry is seen with fellow Proud Boys hate group members Dominic Laufenberg, Kerry Hudson, Ethan Nordean, and Carl Todd, as well as with Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson and his neo-Nazi hate preacher ollower Allen Pucket

- IMAGE - chris perry at fascist rally
Chris Perry is is seen before and during mass assaults committed by members of the Proud Boys hate group at Joey Gibson’s hate rally on 6/30/2018. Also seen here is Christopher Wayne Robison, as well as Proud Boys Carl Todd, Ethan Nordean, and “Jeremiah Horatio Cristo”; violent Patriot Prayer follower Mack Lewis, and neo-Nazi Patriot Prayer follower Jimmy Willingham. Notably, the same police who brutalize and hunt down anti-fascists who dare to physically oppose the fascist violence of these groups, give the Proud Boys hate group complete impunity for these and many other assaults.

John Jimison

Federal Way, WA resident John P Jimison (DOB: 09/09/1983; aka: jimisonracing) is a member of the violent fascist Proud Boys hate group. Prior to moving to Washington state, Jimison lived in Hillsboro, OR. He runs a twitch videogame stream using the name “laserwolf”.

- IMAGE - jimison
John Jimison

- IMAGE - jimison at fascist rally
Jimison is seen with fellow Proud Boys hate group members Niles Gregory, Carl Todd, David Julian, and others at Joe Biggs’ 8/17/2019 fascist rally in Portland, OR.

- IMAGE - jimison at fascist rally performing prayer
Jimison kneels performatively with fellow hate group members Chris White, Robert Fussell, Kenny Lizardo, and Naphtali Moore, who recently publicly promised that the hate group would engage in mass murder on Christmas Eve

- IMAGE - jimison group photo with fascists
John Jimison poses for a group photo with fellow members of the violent fascist Proud Boys hate group.

David Julian

Gresham, OR resident David Alex Julian (aka “Speedo Boner”; DOB: 10/20/1991) is a member of the violent fascist Proud Boys hate group

- IMAGE - david julian
David Julian

- IMAGE - David Julian with Nazis
David Julian poses next to various Patriot Prayer followers with neo-Nazis from the PDX Stormers organization.

- IMAGE - david julian at fascist rally
David Julian poses with fellow Proud Boys hate group members Cole Scott and JD Stockton, as well as with Zina Terentiyevna Bodunov, one of the primary members of Oregon Women For Trump who regularly organizes with violent neo-Nazis and fascist hate groups. Bodunov also happens to be a licensed practical nurse, who nonetheless participated in & helped organize far-right anti-mask / re-open events in 2020, endangering many vulnerable people during the COVID 19 pandemic

- IMAGE - david julian with fascists
David Julian poses with fellow Proud Boys hate group members John Cunningham, Carl Todd, Paul Davies, and failed political candidate Daniel Tooze.

James Hodgson

Benton City, WA resident James Erwin Hodgson (DOB: 12/13/1973) is a member of the violent fascist Proud Boys hate group.

- IMAGE - james hodgson at fascist rally
James Hodgson is photographed at Joe Biggs’ fascist rally in Portland on 8/17/2019

- IMAGE - james hodgson at fascist rally
James Hodgson is photographed at Joe Biggs’ fascist rally in Portland on 8/17/2019

John Kuenzi

Aumsville, OR resident John Jerome Kuenzi (DOB: 06/04/1970) is a member of the violent fascist Proud Boys hate group.

- IMAGE - john kuenzi
Proud Boy John Kuenzi

- IMAGE - john kuenzi
Proud Boy John Kuenzi

- IMAGE - john kuenzi at fascist rally
John Kuenzi is seen at Audra Price and Sally Hill’s extremely violent 8/22/2020 rally along with other members of the Proud Boys hate group such as Ethan Nordean.

Tyler Fraser

Salem, OR resident Tyler Jordan “TJ” Fraser (DOB: 09/16/1991) is a member of the violent fascist Proud Boys hate group.

- IMAGE - tyler fraser
Tyler Fraser’s tattoos are clearly visible in this photo with fellow hate group members Matt Stewart, Travis Nugent, and John Kuenzi at one of Joey Gibson’s hate rallies.

- IMAGE - tyler fraser
Proud Boy Tyler Fraser

- IMAGE - tyler fraser fb
Proud Boy Tyler Fraser’s Facebook page

Shane Purvis

Scio, OR resident Shane Edwin Purvis (DOB: 09/14/1980) is a member of the fascist Proud Boys hate group. Purvis has also accompanied Joey Gibson into Portland where his fellow hate group members have assaulted community members.

- IMAGE - shane purvis

Niles Gregory

Beaverton, OR resident Niles Douglas Gregory (DOB: 06/13/1977) is a member of the fascist Proud Boys hate group. When he isn’t collaborating directly with violent neo-Nazis, Gregory’s painful tryhard aesthetics oscillate wildly between Gavin McInnes Wannabe and Kinfolk Magazine Lifetime Subscriber.

- IMAGE - niles gregory
Niles Gregory

- IMAGE - niles gregory alt right hand symbol
Niles Gregory makes the alt-right hand gesture as he gets a tattoo for the fascist fraternity responsible for organizing the deadly Unite The Right neo-Nazi rally.

Robert Pyland

Scapoose, OR resident Robert Paul Pyland (DOB: 02/10/1965) is a member of the fascist Proud Boys hate group.

- IMAGE - robert pyland at fascist rally
Robert Pyland poses on 8/17/2019 with violent fascist Patriot Prayer follower Joseph Harrison

- IMAGE - robert pyland at fascist rally
Robert Pyland is seen with fellow Proud Boys hate group members Donovon Flippo, Timothy James Rickey, Caleb Stevens, Daniel Garris, David Julian, Travis Taylor, and Jake Farmer; as well as with neo-Nazi Allen Pucket and his disciples Levi Cross and Quincy Franklin

Cody Pearson

Redmond, OR resident Cody Pearson (DOB: 04/29/1985) is a member of the fascist Proud Boys hate group.

- IMAGE - cody pearson

Eric Bradley Teeter

Portland, OR resident Eric Teeter is a member of the fascist Proud Boys hate group.

- IMAGE - eric teeter
Proud Boy Eric Teeter

- IMAGE - eric teeter
Proud Boy Eric Teeter

- IMAGE - eric teeter wants to do fascist murders
Proud Boy Eric Teeter, aka “coachteeter”, looks forward to the streets running red with blood at the Proud Boys hate group’s rally on 9/26/2020.

Chad Feldman

Battle Ground, WA resident Chad Feldman (DOB: 07/02/1976) is a member of the fascist Proud Boys hate group. He assaulted a person on August 22nd while taking orders from violent Proud Boy Tiny Toese, and previously worked for a security company contracted by Nike.

- IMAGE - chad feldman
Proud Boy Chad Feldman

- IMAGE - chad feldman assaults someone
Proud Boy Chad Feldman assaults someone on August 22nd.

- IMAGE - chad feldman
Proud Boy Chad Feldman

- IMAGE - chad feldman
Proud Boy Chad Feldman joins his fellow local Proud Boys in publicly valorizing Kyle Rittenhouse, the Kenosha far-right shooter who killed two protesters and wounded a third.

Alan Swinney

Alan Swinney is proud of the violence he has committed, and is eager to enagage in more. A consumate grifter, Swinney is unemployed and makes a living traveling the country looking to attack people, posting the video, and asking for donations so he can continue to do it. He arrived in Portland just over half a year ago and has stayed in hopes of engaging in his money-making scheme as much as possible.

- IMAGE - swinney brandishes a firearm
Swinney posts video of him living his fantasy and pulling an impractically oversized revolver on counter-protesters and threatens to do worse. He raises no objection to the video labeling him an “Alt-Right Agitator”.

- IMAGE - swinney brags about assaults
Swinney retweets video showing him firing a paintball gun at press, essentially bragging about his assault.

- IMAGE - swinney goes on racist patrols
Swinney posts about “patroling” evacuated areas, hoping to find someone to shoot. Bizarre conspiracy theories that people were intentionally starting the terrible, out-of-control wildfires in Oregon and elsewhere lead to people carrying rifles and setting up checkpoints searching for anyone they thought was an ‘outsider’. This activity became so dangerous and caused enough drain on first-responder resources that numerous law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, released statements attempting to debunk the paranoid conspiracy theories.

Magen Stevens

Alan Swinney’s new romantic partner Magen Stevens also has a history of assaulting people unprokoved. In salem on 9/7/2020 she was seen at least twice unloading pepper spray on people who posed no threat to anyone.

- IMAGE - magen stevens and alan swinney
Alan Swinney & Magen Stevens

- IMAGE - magan stevens assaults someone
Magen Stevens sprays a nude counterprotestor.

- IMAGE - magen stevens assaults someone
After this counterprotestor was knocked to the ground and punched repeatedly by Ty Anthony Parker, Magen Stevens approaches and covers their face in pepper spray while they still lay on the ground.

Stevens has a history of violence, including criminal mistreatment of her child.

- IMAGE - magen stevens child abuse
Court documents regarding Magen Stevens’ criminal mistreatment of her child.

- IMAGE - magen stevens celebrates fascist murder
Continuing her role as a model parent, Magen Stevens agrees that she and her associates may be setting up her son for disaster, and hopes he follows the same pattern as celebrated mass shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, who traveled from out of state to shoot three people in Kenosha, WI, killing two.

Other Atendees

Angela Roman

Failed politician and legislator’s aide Angela Roman was present at the 8/22 rally, and is likely to appear again on 9/26. Roman, in addition to supporting the Proud Boys, is friends with neo-Nazi Kristopher Foster, and has traveled in the same Patriot Prayer circles as him.

- IMAGE - angela roman at a fascist rally
Angela Roman on August 22nd

- IMAGE - angela roman likes nazis
Angela Roman uses the neo-Nazi phrase “It’s Ok to be white”.

- IMAGE - angela roman likes nazis
Angela Roman comments on a neo-Nazi’s Facebook post with a meme about loving being white.

James Harris

Gullible man James Patrick Harris (DOB: 06/15/1998) has completely bought into the right wing paranoid conspiracies about “ANTIFA” and the violent organizers and attendees of recent far-right rallies are given advantage by it. As more like him buy into the complete nonsense produced by right wing media, people like Harris are duped into spending more time mingling with neo-Nazis and violent fascists, and likely donating to their fundraisers.

- IMAGE - James Harris
James Harris at a recent pro-police rally.

- IMAGE - james harris
Gullible man James Harris mingles with Proud Boys hate group members on august 22nd. Behind him in the crowd someone displays a sign referring to the antisemitic conspiracy theory that George Soros provides funding for protesters.

Jerry Dyreson

Lincoln City , OR resident Jerry A Dyreson, a desperate MAGA tryhard doing his best to carve out a niche for himself among the cottage industry of Trumpist grifters, also joined the august 22nd rally alongside various fascists and neo-Nazis.

- IMAGE - jerry dyreson
Jerry Dyreson

- IMAGE - jerry dyreson at fascist rally
Jerry Dyreson carries a pine tree flag next to far-right militant Mark Melchi.

Dylan Johnson

One time Proud Boy and friend to Andrew Allwander Dylan Johnson was out on August 22nd.

- IMAGE - dylan johnson
Dylan Johnson

The Violence-Tourism Of The Far-Right

With the right-wing media outrage machine desperately working to demonize anyone left of center, any number of out of town violence-tourists are likely to show up for a far-right rally in a city like Portland, which is often portrayed as progressive, with hopes to attack people here. On September 7th, an “American Lives Matter” rally attracted Durango, Colorado man Ty Anthony Parker who took several opportunities to violently assault a few counter-protestors who had shown up in support of the movement for Black lives.

- IMAGE - ty parker
Ty Anthony Parker before arrest on the left, then casually making chit chat with a cop while being detained. The two images on the right are from his facebook.

- IMAGE - ty parker attack
Ty Anthony Parker shoves a counter-protester to the ground and repeatedly punches them.

- IMAGE - ty parker attack
Shortly after the first attack he chases down another counter-protester who is by themself and again attacks them repeatedly while they are on the ground. He even takes a swing at a cop, but is not charged for it.

Showing up

The Proud Boys may make careful efforts in how they describe themselves to more moderate conservatives - focusing on more acceptable forms of bigotry and making appeals to ‘patriotism’ - but it takes, at best, a willingness to look the other way to not see their racism, violence, and history of direct coordination with fascists & neo-Nazis. By making the choice to ally with them, otherwise more moderate sections of the right wing provide groups like the Proud Boys opportunity to organize and recruit. And by inflating the number of people joining their public rallies, they provide groups like the Proud Boys with more support to commit acts of violence against people.

Proud Boys and their supporters are flying in from around the country and driving in from out of town. We know what that has looked like before, and we know how to respond: showing up. On September 26th, show up to keep each other safe.

If you have information about any of the far-right and fascist agitators mentioned in this article, or other white supremacist organizing in the area, please email us at [email protected].