Beating the Fascists:
The Untold Story of Anti-Fascist Action,
by Sean Birchall 

Physical Resistance:
A Hundred Years of Anti-Fascism,
by Dave Hann
[buy] [download]

Confronting Fascism:
discussion documents for
a militant movement,
by Don Hamerquist, J. Sakai,
& Mark Salotte

Blood and Politics:
the history of the white nationalist movement from the margins
to the mainstream,
by Leonard Zeskind
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A Hundred Little Hitlers:
the death of a black man, the trial of a white racist, and the rise of the Neo-Nazi movement in America,
by Elinor Langer

Printable Zines

Piece Now, Peace Later

Accomplices Not Allies

Consensus: An Introduction

Aorta: Facilitating Meetings

Collective Process

Security Culture

Why Take Direct Action Against Fascism

Portland Stands United Against Racism - June 4th, 2017

Historical Materials

July 31st 2010 flyer

Death In June Poster

RCA Solidarity Flyer

RCA Statement for TTT

RCA Statement on Mark Kruger

RCA Statement on Mary Starrett


Portland History In Review: A Hundred Little Hitlers

London Antifa Rules of engagement

An Activist’s Guide to Information Security by Sprout Distro

What is Security Culture? By Crimethinc

Surveillance Self-Defense by Electronic Frontier Foundation

Rebel Tech

An Activist’s Guide to Information Security by Sprout Distro

Digital Security Tips for Protesters

Security in a Box: Digital security tools and tactics

YOUR PHONE IS A COP: An OpSec/InfoSec Primer for the Dystopian Present

YOUR PHONE IS A COP 2: Getting Arrested with Your Phone

Time to Beef up Defense Against Far-Right Doxxing

Speak Up & Stay Safe(r): A Guide to Protecting Yourself From Online Harassment

How to Remove Yourself From People Search Directories

 by anonymous

Security and Counter-Surveillance by Anonymous

 by Ken Lawrence

“Remembering Means Fighting” podcasts #11 and #12 by Crimethinc

“Death to the Klan” and Armed Antifascist Community Defense in the U.S. by Alexander Reid Ross

Unionism as Anti-Fascist Strategy by Twin Cities IWW General Defense Committee

Fascist Free Speech is a Straw Man Argument by Marcia Chatelain (Dissent Magazine)

An Anti-Fascist Response to a Trumpist Future by NYC Antifa

Tips for Challenging the Far Right by Political Research Associates

Affinity Groups: Essential Building Block of Anarchist Organization

#TrumpTheRegime: Resources and Ongoing Resistance to Trump and the Far-Right

Bloc Party: How to Join the Resistance Interview & Zine

What Form Should Our Antifascism Take? By Fatty McDirty

Forming an Antifa Group: A Manual by IGD

How to set up an anti-fascist group by AFA

Resources for anti-fascist action by Anti-Fascist Network

-Rules of Engagement-Antifa

How Nonviolence Protect the State by Peter Gelderloos

Rudolf Mühland

 from issue No 71 of Organise! the theoretical journal of the Anarchist Federation

What is Fascism? By Robert O. Paxon

Ur-Fascism, or Eternal Fascism by Umberto Eco

What is Fascism? By Matt Lyons

Quotes on Fascism by Three Way Fight

Populism as a Core Element of Fascism by Chip Berlet

What Fascism Is, and What it’s Not by Roger Griffin

Fascism and Anti-Fascism by Don Hammerquist

The Paradox of Reactionary Modernism by Jeffrey Herf

The Alt Right and the New American Fascism By Shane Burley

Alternative Fascism: The Alt Right and Fascist Branding By Anti-Fascist News

Calling Them ‘Alt Right’ Helps Us Fight Them By Matthew Lyons

The Alt Right and the Quest for White Identity By Jason Wilson

My Journey Inside of the Alt Right By Luke O´Brien

The Dapper White Nationalist Who Wins Even if Trump Loses Josh Harkinson

Geeks for Monarchy: A Profile on Neoreaction By Klint Finley

Introducing the Alt Lite, the People Mainstreaming the Alt Right’s White Nationalism by Anti-Fascist News

Breitbart Goes Full Fash by Anti-Fascist News

The New Neo-Nazis: How Matthew Heimbach is Building a Racist Network Across the U.S. By It’s Going Down

Guide to Understand Identity Europa By It’s Going Down

 Century White Supremacist Groups by George Michael

The Undying Appeal of White Nationalism By Candles and Torches

Meet the Shocktroops of Trump’s America By Arun Gupta

A Complete History of Donald Trump’s Relationship With White Nationalism By Eric Hananoki

Trump the Fascist By Anti-Fascist News

Trumping Democracy: Right-Wing Populism, Fascism, and the Case for Action By Chip Berlet

by Nicholas Goodrick-Clark

Soundtracks to the White Revolution by The Center for New Community & The Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity

Fighting the Trojan Horse of Hipster Fascism by Alexander Reid Ross (Earth First! Journal)

Neofascist: Heathen Harvest, Neofolk, and Fascist Subcultural Entryism by Anti-Fascist News

Death in June – A Nazi Band? By Midwest Unrest

Counter Culture Fascism  By FTR (SpitFire)

Neofolk or Neovolk By One People’s Project

Apoliteic Music: Neofolk, Martial Industrial, and “metapolitical fascism” By Anton Shekhovtsov

Confronting the New Right by Gods & Radicals

Rainbow Heathenry: Is a Left-wing, multiracial Heathenry Possible? By Gods & Radicals

Who are the Wolves of Vinland? By Rose City Antifa

Satanism and the Far Right by Detoxorcist

Fascism Against Time: Nationalism, Media Blindness, and the Cult of Augustus Sol Invictus by Gods & Radicals

Race and IQ: A Tale of Shoddy Science by Tim Radford (The Guardian)

Overview on the “Race Realist” Movement by Robert Wald Sussman (Salon)

People Keep Misunderstanding Race and IQ by Brink Lindsay (The Atlantic)

“Race Realism” Is Pseudoscience by Scott MacGreal MSc (Psychology Today)

Will The History Books Record How Nazis Made Eyes at the Malheur Occupation? By Spencer Sunshine (Truthout)

Up in Arms: A Guide to Oregon’s Patriot Movement  by Rural Organizing Project/ Public Research Associates

Basic Militia Movement History by Anti-Defamation League

Understanding the Racism of the Militia Movement by Matthew Lyons (Three Way Fight)

A Detailed History of the American Patriot Movement by Southern Poverty Law Center

Anti-Semitism and National Anarchism by Moishe Postone

Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory by Deborah Lipstadt

 by April Rosenblum

by David Hirsh

The Problem of Left Anti-Semitism and Fascist Entryism by Rose City Antifa

Anti-Semitism in the White House: Stephen Bannon, Donald Trump and the Alt Right by Shane Burley

Understanding Anti-Semitism by Leon Wieseltier

Guide to Understanding Holocaust Denial by

Gay Nazi, Gay Aryan, Gay Supremacist by Michael Abernathy (Pop Matters)

Queer Fascism: Why White Nationalists Are Dropping Homophobia by Anti-Fascist News

Critical Resistance

Alternatives to Police” by Rose City Copwatch

Fredric Carlsson-Andersson & Atilla Pişkin


Anti-Oppressive Facilitation by Aorta Collective

Consensus Short Guide by Seeds For Change

The Tyranny of Structurelessness by Jo Freeman

Giving and Receiving Feedback by Seeds For Change

Effective Groups by Seeds For Change

Facilitation Tools by Seeds For Change

Group Roles by Aorta Collective