Wade Michael Page, The Hammerskin Nation, and Pacific Northwest Neo-Nazis

Published on Aug 16, 2012

Wade Michael Page
Originally posted on 8/16/2012

On the morning of Sunday, August 5, Wade Michael Page arrived at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek, WI and opened fire. Page murdered six members of the religious community and wounded three others, including a responding police officer. When Page was wounded by fire from another responding police officer, Page committed suicide with his own gun. Page’s murderous rampage was the worst instance of anti-Sikh violence within the US in recent memory. It is also follows on from other dramatic acts of neo-Nazi violence in recent years. As Rocky Mountain Antifa point out , recent years have seen such acts of extreme-Right violence as the March 2010 shooting (and attempted murder) of Portland anti-racist Luke Querner by still-unidentified neo-Nazi assailant(s); the 2011 attempted bombing of a Martin Luther King Day parade in Spokane, Washington by a white supremacist associated with National Alliance ; as well as this year’s arrest of several American Front members in Florida preparing for acts of terrorism in what they viewed as an advancing race war.
Much media coverage has been devoted to Wade Michael Page’s massacre, and the possible motives behind it--which almost certainly flow directly from Page’s white supremacist and neo-Nazi ideology, which Page advocated for until the end. Many news articles have centered on Page’s participation in white supremacist musical subcultures as well as Page’s white power projects End Apathy as well as Definite Hate (which Page joined some time after the original line-up.) Page’s fully-fledged (since late last year) membership and heavy participation within the neo-Nazi Hammerskin Nation has also now come to light. The notes here attempt to supplement such coverage by bringing forward information about the presence of Page’s organization, the Hammerskin Nation, in the Pacific Northwest; to discuss the Oregon-based white power act Intimidation One which Wade Page once filled in as a musician for; and to consider Page’s links to the Portland, Oregon-founded racist organization Volksfront International, links primarily but perhaps not exclusively via Page’s ex-girlfriend Misty Cook. The turbulent relationship between the Hammerskin Nation and Volksfront International--at times allied, at times hostile and feuding--will also be discussed in passing.