NSM "Meet and Greet" Met by Antifa

Published on May 12, 2015

Originally posted on 05/12/2015

The neo-Nazis that we reported on yesterday for having attended the recent anti-Fast Track rally downtown were confronted today by antifa at a neo-Nazi “Meet and Greet” event they scheduled. Stacy Hoffman and Austin Livingston were the only two National Socialist Movement members that showed up at the meeting at Billy Bob’s in Gresham. Antifascists confronted them as they left the establishment. Stacy Hoffman immediately began screaming in terror and cowered in fear. Austin Livingston fled the scene, leaving Hoffman behind, while shrieking for help. So much for these brave Aryan warriors. We at Rose City Antifa think they learned an important lesson today about the consequences for organizing fascist activity in Portland.