Meet the Man Behind the KKK Flyers: Tim Allen Hancock

Published on Nov 19, 2015

Tim Allen Hancock
Address: Estacada, Oregon area
Place of Study: Portland Community College, Rock Creek and Southeast Campuses
Course of Study: Aviation
Facebook: “ Tim Allen
Google Plus: “ Invisible Tim ” (same as his Air Force forum handle)
Youtube: “ Invisible Tim
Instagram: “ 1confederate1
UNSKKKK forum: kluxsky01
Hobbies: soccer, baseball, hunting
Age: 23
Other: Air Force veteran

Rose City Antifa believes that Tim Hancock is the person responsible for the recent flyering events in the Portland Metro area and beyond. Hancock was an internet probate in the Ku Klux Klan until recently. He became a full member at the end of October of this year after driving quite a long distance to meet up with a Tennessee Grand Dragon in order to be officially sworn in.

Hancock lives in the Estacada, Oregon area, about a half an hour drive from all of the places that were flyered. Rose City Antifa is interested in any more specific information on Hancock's current living arrangements. Hancock is a Colton High School graduate (Colton, OR) and he attends Portland Community College. He is in the aviation program there which has classes at the Rock Creek and Southeast campuses. Hancock is also a goalie on the PCC soccer team, the Panthers (click here for a PCC article on Hancock’s athletics). Hancock is an Air Force veteran that was stationed in Germany for a time.

As you will see from the images below, it is undeniable that Tim Hancock is the person posting as kluxsky01 on the UNSKKKK forum. He posts his real name and indicates his course of study, interest in sports, and his status as a veteran. He is quite open about many personal details in his posts in the forum.

Hancock posted on the UNSKKKK forum the evening after the Gresham flyers appeared to congratulate the member that did the October flyering in Burlington. Hancock mentioned that he was “trying to get the conversation started around portland as well!" We take this as a strong indication that he was inspired by the Burlington event to do a similar flyering here in the Portland area.

Distribute this information as widely as possible and as always please send us any information on Tim Hancock or any other white supremacist activity in our area: [email protected] /// voicemail 971.533.7832.

***Please Note: There is an older Tim Allen Hancock (possibly our guy’s father) living in Estacada, Oregon also, so be careful to not mix up their information.

**UPDATE 11/24 2015**

Not only have Hancock's FB, Youtube and Google+ profiles now vanished, but Hancock appears to be taking further responsibility for the flyer distribution. His signature on the UNSKKKK forum has been updated to read: "Kommunity Klanmail Karrier"
Image uploaded after initial publication.