Corvallis Mosque Set Alight in Anti-Muslim Attack (November 2010)

Published on Jan 07, 2011

Originally posted on 1/7/2011

On November 28th, 2010, unknown assailants set fire to the Salman Al Farisi Mosque in Corvallis, Oregon. No people were injured in the arson attack, but the building suffered fire damage. At the time of writing no arrests have been made in this matter, although a person of interest has been named, questioned and had his residence searched by police.

The majority of news outlets have framed the arson as a reaction to the attempted bombing of the Pioneer Courthouse Square Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, allegedly a Political Islamist jihad effort by Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, who now faces trial. Mohamud’s lawyers have indicated that they will argue during trial that the case is one of FBI entrapment. Mohamud apparently attended the Salman Al Farisi Mosque a number of times.

Politicians, the law enforcement and the media are as quick to condemn the arson as they are in failing to analyze its roots.