Austin Lewis Miller - Nazis Out Of FoPo

Published on Oct 24, 2020

- IMAGE - Austin Lewis Miller with his neo-Nazi propaganda

UPDATE 10/26/20 RCA has received information that Austin Lewis Miller will no longer be residing at the address in our original report, and that everyone’s efforts in reporting his podcast have resulted it being deplatformed! Our article has been updated accordingly.

Austin Lewis Miller is the neo-Nazi behind a recent spate of absolutely hideous antisemitic & racist propaganda posted in the Foster Powell neighborhood of SE Portland over the past few days. The propaganda itself—primarily stickers on which Miller himself has written virulently antisemitic notes in response to neighborhood antifascists countering his efforts—ostensibly promotes a new fascist organization Miller hopes to spearhead: the “American Nationalist Aryan Party.” Relying on classic antisemitic caricatures and casual Hitler-worship, these stickers and the organization website that they often promote are exactly the kind of fascist activity that Portlanders simply will not tolerate in their communities. While the “American Nationalist Aryan Party” website itself has been taken down in the last 24 hours, the attempts by Miller and his fellow Nazis to organize in Portland cannot be considered wholly quashed. Please join with us in supporting folks in the Foster-Powell area who demand that their neighborhood be safe from neo-Nazi organizers.


- IMAGE - Austin Lewis Miller
NAME: Austin Lewis Miller
DOB: 05/10/1985
AKA: caveatemptor; emptorcaveat
PHONE: (503)209-2476

- IMAGE - Austin Lewis Miller
Identifying tattoos.

- IMAGE - ANAP sticker
A redacted photo of the disgusting stickers placed around the Foster-Powell area of southeast Portland. It includes a hand-written note with an antisemitic slur.

Austin Miller’s Neo-Nazi Ideology

- IMAGE - ANAP website
Austin Miller’s newly-defunct “American Nationalist Aryan Party” website

Austin Miller’s ANAP website is explicit in its neo-Nazi imagery and talking points, from its use of the reichsadler and sonnenrad to the direct references to National Socialism and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and fear of “white genocide”. Miller’s party platform appears to be bog-standard antisemitic, racist, misogynist fascism of the most disgusting kind. Miller’s presence elsewhere on the internet - username caveatemptor - includes an account on the neo-Nazi Stormfront forums, as well as alt-right Twitter clone Gab.

- IMAGE - Austin Lewis Miller's Stormfront profile
Austin Miller’s profile on neo-Nazi site Stormfront.

- IMAGE - Austin Lewis Miller's Facebook profile
Austin Miller’s Facebook profile, with identical photo of himself.

- IMAGE - Austin Lewis Miller recruits on Stormfront
Austin Miller recruits on the neo-Nazi website Stormfront, for his new organization. Stormfront users are known to have murdered nearly 100 people.

- IMAGE - Austin Miller on Gab
Austin Miller’s Gab Account

- IMAGE - Austin Lewis Miller lives in Portland
On another Gab user’s meme about Portland, Austin Miller comments that he identifies with the meme because he lives in Portland.

- IMAGE - Wix site by Austin Miller
Another recent website operated by Austin Miller

Miller’s Facebook activity shows a recent interest in far-right Rock Against Communism (RAC) music, including bonehead bands Close Shave, Offensive Weapon, and Skinfull who are all affiliated with RAC label United Riot Records (URR) and bonehead gang 211 Bootboys, who played URR’s pro-Nazi “NYC Oi! Fest.” In 2017, 211 Bootboys members assaulted two brothers using brass knuckles and a knife outside a NYC bar over an antifascist sticker on a phone. In 2018, 211 Bootboys members and URR owner Dennis Devila assisted Proud Boys in a gang beating of three protesters after Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes re-enacted the political assassination of Inejirō Asanuma at the Metropolitan Republican Club.

- IMAGE - Austin Lewis Miller's Facebook likes
Screenshot of Austin Miller’s Facebook likes.

- IMAGE - Austin Lewis Miller's Nazi podcast
Austin Lewis Miller’s “International jew Podcast ANAP” podcast website, also featuring the same contact email as on the American National Aryan Party website. The podcast logo features a disgusting antisemitic caricature.

Miller uses his podcast to further ramble on about antisemitic conspiracy theories. A small sample:

“Nobody is going to save us; nobody’s going to do anything about it. Our leaders have sold out and cucked for the Jews and it is up to us”

“Trump isn’t gonna save you; he’s cucked out to the Jews. We’ve witnessed that. We’re seeing it.”

I’m gonna tell your right now, pack up your fucking shit Jews.  Pack up your shit and get the fuck out. We’re coming for you. We’re done with your shit. We’re done with your organized Jewery. We’re not going to put up with it anymore."

Austin Miller—who has been putting up neo-Nazi stickers embellished with handwritten threats within a few blocks of his residence—also gives advice to his listeners on how to fly under the radar:

“We don’t need to be attracting unwanted attention with public displays of activism… we need to be operating under the radar as much as humanly possible - and as quietly as possible. We will not get anywhere without doing that. We will not be able to do that forever. But we need to do that for as long as we can.”

Community Defense

Austin Miller’s housing appears to be a shared living situation, and we have no evidence to suggest any of his housemates are engaged in fascist organizing of any kind. Notifying Miller’s housemates in non-threatening ways of the danger that he poses to your community–and to their safety–via his neo-Nazi organizing is the fastest route towards ensuring that Miller, and other fascists like him, are not welcome in the Foster-Powell community.

Miller’s “American Nationalist Aryan Party” podcast is currently hosted by the podcast platform “Spreaker,” and it contains extensive antisemitic and fascist rhetoric, slurs, and positions itself as an avenue for recruiting listeners into Miller’s neo-Nazi organization. Please join us in contacting Spreaker by emailing them at [email protected] to demand that they take Austin Miller’s podcast (which uses the url: “lewis-millers-podcast”) off of their site.

If you have further information on Austin Lewis Miller, the American Nationalist Aryan Party, or any other fascist organizing, please contact Rose City Antifa at [email protected].