ALERTA ANTIFA: Shut down Trans*hating Bigot Lierre Keith

Published on Feb 26, 2014

Originally posted on 02/26/2014

​January 22, the 2014 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC / ELAW) announced its decision to have Lierre Keith for one of its keynote speakers.
This was incredibly unfortunate to hear, given Lierre’s well-documented history of transphobia and in particular trans-misogyny in the form of denying the existence and experience of trans women. Though they have since removed their original post of the announcement after the public outcry that ensued, Keith is still expected to be speaking at the conference.

We feel that since an anti-queer anti-woman agenda is an inextricable part of the modern fascist agenda, it is our responsibility to intervene when queers or women, in this case trans women, are under attack in our movement.