Alert: Portland Neo-Nazi May Be Gathering Information on Leftists

Published on May 13, 2012

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Originally posted on 5/13/2012

​Rose City Antifa wishes to alert anti-racists and allies about
Thomas Fredrick Christensen, AKA “Trigger Tom,” a white supremacist currently a part of the metal and punk scenes in Portland. Christensen has come to our organization’s attention most recently for his attempts to enter into Left-wing and activist political circles in Portland. “Trigger Tom” Christensen is currently friends with a number of local Left-wing spaces and organizations on Facebook, and our organization is concerned that Christensen may be gathering intelligence for neo-Nazis, the state, or both.

Some of Christensen’s links to white nationalist and neo-Nazi movements are outlined below. Christensen does not appear to have undergone a radical change of heart since he began professing these racist and extreme-Right affiliations. Christensen last logged into his account with “NewSaxon”--a neo-Nazi social networking site--on March 28th of this year, less than two months ago.  He has made over 350 posts on the white supremacist forum. Christensen’s most recent post on Stormfront occurred Thursday, May 10, 2012. At the time of writing, Christensen’s pseudonyms are “Whitepunx” on Stormfront and “Teufelhunden” on NewSaxon. Both profiles remain active. Christensen cross-referenced the two profiles himself in a Stormfront forum post dated August 16, 2010, showing “Whitepunx” on Stormfront to be “Teufelhunden” on NewSaxon.

Christensen has a photo of his face on his NewSaxon social networking profile, to which he added the caption “Nazi Punk”. All of Christensen’s personal information (for example, his date of birth) matches these white power profiles, and there are photos on these two racist sites that correspond to Christensen’s other, not clearly Nazi, online accounts. Christensen has posted information concerning anti-fascists on It appears that Christensen is actively fishing for fresh information on anti-fascists and Leftists.

In his signature for the Stormfront forum, Christensen promotes Volksfront International, a neo-Nazi organization active on several continents. “Volksfront” is also the first of Christensen’s “Interests” listed on the NewSaxon social networking site. The Volksfront organization was formed in 1994 within the Oregon prison system, and currently maintains a membership base on the outside in Portland, Eugene, and elsewhere in the state. Throughout its history, Volksfront has been involved in several acts of extreme violence to further its cause, including the 2003 murder of Mark Randall Townsend, a homeless man in Tacoma, Washington, by the leader of a probationary Volksfront unit and his associates. In 2010, Christensen also linked himself to Volksfront via his Facebook page, by promoting the Volksfront-affiliated black metal act Immortal Pride. Christensen, now trying to befriend Leftists on Facebook, has since revised his Facebook profile.

Volksfront are not the only neo-Nazis with violent tendencies that are promoted by Christensen. On June 28, 2010, Christensen/“Whitepunx” posted on Stormfront to praise JT Ready, a neo-Nazi who led armed anti-immigrant militias along the  Arizona/Mexico border. Ready murdered four others, including an infant, before committing suicide on May 2 of this year. In addition, Christensen associates online with members of the American Front, another neo-Nazi group. Eleven members of the American Front in Florida have been arrested--with a twelfth currently being sought--this month in a conspiracy case surrounding plans to attack those of other races as well as anti-racist political opponents. Tom Christensen also celebrates neo-Nazi terrorists of the past, with his NewSaxon profile proclaiming the racist “14 words” motto (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”) This motto was created by David Lane, a now-deceased member of The Silent Brotherhood/The Order, a white supremacist terrorist group responsible for bank robberies and murder in the 1980s.

According to one of his own internet posts, Christensen usually tries to fly below the radar in an effort to gather information on those he considers his opponents. As Christensen/“Whitepunx” stated on the Stormfront forum:

“I was never an anti [antifascist] but I’ve hung out with a few of them. I used to be a big punk rocker in the music scene and there were some antis that ran around in the same scene. I was friends with a few. They weren’t trying to recruit me, or anybody really. They did not, however, know I was a WN [white nationalist]. I kept my beliefs to myself and would shut down any opinions the[y] expressed that seemed to have holes in them. It’s been fairly useful to know some of these people. I now know who all the major players are in the anti and SHARP [Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice] scene.” (March 13, 2011)

In a particularly troubling recent Stormfront post, Christensen discusses the possibility of gathering evidence for the state:

“I had an interesting thought the other day and wanted peoples opinions. If you were asked by the Police to provide or find evidence that would incriminate enemy’s of the movement, i.e. Leftists, reds, anarchists. Would you do it? Would you ‘rat’ or ‘narc’ on the Left side?” (January 2, 2012)

As with many other participants in the white nationalist movement, we have found that Christensen also has a history of domestic violence.

In other creepy news, Christensen works with children. Unbelievably, Christensen worked in childcare at the Portland Jewish Academy in 2006. Christensen also worked at Square Gator Inc., an after-school program provider for children, in 2010. This is quite disturbing given his extreme racist views, such as those expressed on Stormfront:

“My boss signed me up for a Teacher’s conference this weekend and I was really excited to go. I love learning new things, especially things I can take into the classroom. But when I read the statement [from] the Keynote Speaker I was instantly disappointed [due to its multicultural message]... There is a large population of muslim children in my school and I know children there have trouble staying/being white. Now we are supposed to further push white children and their culture to the back to make way for even MORE cultural diversity and awareness? I am not so optimistic right now.” (November 4, 2010)

A 2010 video of Christensen expressing racist sentiments may also be found at:

Rose City Antifa urge any leftists, organizers of color, anti-racists, or others who may have had contact with Christensen to now promptly break with him, as Christensen’s history and neo-Nazi activism suggest that he may not have their best interests at heart. We ask that those with further information regarding Christensen, or information about any other white supremacist activity, to contact our organization directly. Our voicemail number is (971) 533 7832. You may also email fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net.