Additional Members of Oregon AFP Identified

Published on Mar 15, 2014

Originally posted on 03/15/2014

The American Freedom Party is organizing a "White Man March" today across the country. In honor of this, we would like to publish the personal information of a few more members of the local chapter. For further information on local members of the American Freedom Party see our previous article here. Please join us today at Waterfront Park where we will gather to oppose these fascists.
Gary Dean Purdy Jr. at the Oregon Gun Show
Gary Dean Purdy Jr.

Stormfront handle: gpurdy
Address: 30166 Sandy Lane Rainier, OR 97048
Phone: 503-556-2206
Business Address: Purdy & Sons Logging 1620 Westside Hwy Kelso, Washington 98626
Business Phone: (360) 425-1333

On February 6th, 2013, Gary registered Free America Rally as an official business entity. Along with Tyler Cole and Devin Chapman, he is one of the main activists attending demonstrations with the Oregon chapter of the American Freedom Party and Free America Rally.

His wife, Angela Clover Purdy (neé Peterson) is pictured attending FAR's No Amnesty! demonstration on February 23rd, 2013. This is the same rally attended by Kyle Brewster.

Gary Purdy is also the sole proprietor of Purdy & Sons Logging in Kelso, WA.
​Bryan Margetts protesting the "anti-white media" in Milwaukie, OR.
Bryan Jack Margetts

Last Known Address: Oak Grove (Apartments) 4532 SE Roethe Rd. Milwaukie, OR 97267
Oak Grove Phone Number: 503-659-7133
Youtube handle: youarewrongification

Bryan Margetts, pictured here with misspelled "feedom" sign, is a Northwest Front member turned AFP activist . He is involved in the Overpasses for America campaign as well as the White Genocide Project, both AFP/FAR enterprises. Recently he has been seen at a number of  American Freedom Party and Free America Rally events including attending the protest of the "racist media" in Milwaukie. This media protest seems to have been a response to the negative press that AFP received following their "White Genocide" flyering event in Milwaukie a few months prior. Margetts was at both AFP events. In addition he tabled at a gun show in Portland last April with Gary Purdy, and Tyler Cole.
​Brent Joly at AFP's Golden Dawn memorial event.
Brent Joly

Last Known Address: 4167 NE 32nd Pl, Salem, OR
Handles: AdversaryBTP, AusDenBergen

Brent is another Northwest Front member that has joined forces with the American Freedom Party. He attended the Golden Dawn memorial AFP/FAR activists organized. Brent identifies as a Satanist, posting in the past to and under his handle AdversaryBTP. He is under the same handle on twitter and youtube, though he also has a youtube account under AusDenBergen.

Along with posting to Satanist and Goth forums, Brent is into Black Metal, so folks involved with that scene should be aware of this fascist attending shows and events.

If you have any information on the American Freedom Party please contact us: email- [email protected] /// voicemail- 971.533.7832