Rose City Antifa Statement about Recent Maoist Flyer

Published on May 15, 2017

Earlier this week, a Facebook page called the Portland Maoist Group published a flyer purporting to be about Pacific Northwest White Supremacist groups, and listed Rose City Antifa’s email as a contact. While we appreciate the widespread enthusiasm for organizing against White Supremacy in our community, this flyer contained inaccurate information about “White Supremacist Hangouts.” Rose City Antifa was not involved with making this flyer, nor were we consulted about our name and contact info being used on the flyer.

Rose City Antifa prides itself on being a non-sectarian antifa group. Our only political message is the Points of Unity that we share with other antifa groups in the TORCH network. Rather than following any particular revolutionary ideology, our members are only joined by their shared fight against fascism and white supremacist groups. As such, our number one priority is the accuracy of the information that we release about groups operating in our area and across the country– not fashionable flyers released to get our political group on the bandwagon, with the potential of harming innocent bystanders and establishments suddenly labeled “white supremacist.”

We encourage the Portland Maoist Group to take down their flyer until it can be made accurate. We also encourage the public to view the information on our website, that contains thorough and verified information about White Supremacists in the Portland area. And as always, if you have information about White Supremacists, do contact us at [email protected]. (Our public key is available here.)